Welcome to our newest members

Welcome to our newest members


OMG the things she could do to a man…



Don’t know if you watch it but she is absolutely brilliant as Red - a Russian / American prisoner.

I have a soft spot for her too. :heart:


Welcome @scotty!


Thank you bletch. I trust this place will live down to my expectations.


I can guarantee it.

So, are you The Scotty or just a Scotty?


I’m the old scotty from swf. Mainly here to escape their fucking cunting swear filter.


I also notice that barry sanchez has nicked my roger mellie avatar. What is the complaints procedure here?



I don’t think we have a crap joke thread. Memory tells me you were the best poster of crap jokes.

Oh, no swear filter here, you twat.

Good to have you. There’s probably a load of names you’ll know. Rule of thumb, call them all cunts because they are all cunts.


Standard practice is to get into an argument with Barry Sanchez.


The Sotonians complaints procedure goes like this.

  1. Make a formal complaint.
  2. We consider the facts.
  3. If the complaint is against @Barry-Sanchez, it is automatically upheld


I’m also scotty on sickipedia, so a joke thread may be my opener on here.


Ahh yes.

Have at it.

Because you’re a good guy (and have a nice arse) I’ll increase your trust level to 2.

This basically means @pap makes you breakfast in the morning and @Goatboy makes your bed. Oh, and you can post more.




Something makes me think that photo will be used as evidence in a court case one day.


I think it’s time to reprise the Butler @saintbletch and Parlour maid @Coxford_lou or was it @Intiniki picture. Bletch’s Tena Men rather embarrassingly sprang a leak.


My piss stain is to the left.


That is to the left you dumb moron…


I’m the one in the dress.


Yep…he’s pissed AGAIN. :lou_facepalm_2: