Welcome to our newest members

Welcome to our newest members


Any you’re such a nice bloke away from the keyboard

:lou_wink: :lou_lol:


It’s all an act. I’m no Malcolm Tucker though, I admit that.


Nope, but we can get you to an extremely articulate version of Begbie in about 12 pints, one impervious to evidence, be it a telephone transmission, the protests of your fellow imbibers or the physical evidence itself.

Even at London prices, that’s under a ton.

For articulate Begbie?

I’ll fkin’ pay it, ye cunts :smiley:


Sotonians, please welcome our latest member @April1964 - and apologies it took so long to approve your account.

We can’t get the staff.


Welcome @April1964

Always nice to see someone older than me but younger than @lifeintheslowlane

Be irreverent



Welcome @April1964. Be bold, happy and impervious to shit


New people make me uncomfortable.

If anything, they should be welcoming me.


Yep there’s always an air of civilised anarchy about the place…which is nice.


Gaydies and Lentil-men.

Please welcome @Cake to Sotonians.

@Cake, please wipe your feet on the way in and make yourself at home.


Cake. Mmmmmm


He’s been here five minutes and you want to eat him. greedy cunt


Welcome @Cake try not to make a hash of it *

  • That’s as good as it gets. Sorry.


Do we really have a new member, or @TedMaul’s second alt?

Is @SaintBristol to be retired in ignominy?

I apologise in advance if I’m wrong. Seems very Chris Morris.


Lol. Don’t think Ted is a new sign up.

To be honest we can actually merge users.

So we could have the mundane of @TedMaul and @SaintBristol being unified at last.

Or we could do a charity auction to nominate someone to merge with @Barry-Sanchez - with the resultant single account being timeshared between the two donors.


This sounds like a terrible and annoying storyline from Star Trek Voyager…


I was watching RedLetterMedia’s review of Discovery season one.

They remarked that it would be a very short show with the spore drive, and pondered as to how Janeway never considered it :smiley:


You know what I don’t think I ever watched the end of Voyager, I know they got back but I don’t know how.

Fuzzed for spoilers and also to show of the full extent of my technological abilities.


Funnily enough that happened to us. Watched it and taped it back in the day, went on vacation for a month and last 4 episodes not recorded.
Finally saw them about a year ago thanks to netflux


Anyone whee have a crush on Janeway?

Just me then…


You have seen Orange is the New Black then?