Welcome to our newest members

Welcome to our newest members


Fatso is well known as a Russian bot Twitter account, his real name is Sergio from Uzbekistan,


You took out the nexus eights working for UPS? Nice work :lou_wink_2:


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Sotonians, I’d like to welcome @Phil_Arthur and @Treebeard to our little forum.

Phil, welcome!

Your only problem here may be that we already have a number of Phils.

We have @Dubai_Phil - known as Phil (or name dropper)

and we also have @PhilippineSaint - known as Phil (or offshore Phil, or tax-dodging Phil)

so I guess you can be Phil too.

@Treebeard, welcome also.

We have 4 Treebeards on here already, so it’s going to be a little…nah, just yanking your tail. You’re our one and only Treebeard.

We’re a friendly bunch, gents, no really we are. Please feel free to lurk, but also feel free to jump in and contribute.

I hope you’ll find that we’re different to most other Saints forums.

Sotonians, please make @Phil_Arthur and @Treebeard welcome.


Christ Pap. Hope you better these newbies. Cannot have another ladyboyphil or golfingphil on the site!

Welcome newbies c’mon in the water is still really cool. Unlike the weather everywhere


Profanity, no doubt you will have already noticed, is not only condoned…but encouraged. :lou_lol:


I remember when @saintbletch used to welcome all new members on the old platform but he stopped doing that after he got bored. Hopefully this pleasant and welcoming approach will last.


Welcome guys. It’s a blast on here. Enjoy.


Welcome @Phil_Arthur and @Treebeard. It is customary for all newbies to buy me a drink/not scream too loudly. Enjoy!


Now now Goat.
You promised to always use Lube with newbies


This is why they never stay, greasy @Dubai_Phil.


Do we have individual settings though, like we do with the themes?

Can we finally get Chapel Kate onboard?


Don’t be a budgie


Ask her if she is the Kate from 606 back in about 2002-2005…


Forget you, @Fatso.

Inspired by ITV’s dubbing of Robocop, not Ceelo Green


Yippee Kayey …kimosabe


We can have a blacklist of words I believe, and we can let users silence other users.

But as poor Chapel (hat peg) Kate, would have to silence every last one of us, it’d be easier to set-up her own forum.


There are other ways, @saintbletch.

She could be setting up beartraps on your favourite towpath as we speak.


I am still waiting for my replacement Pelican

Welcome @Phil_Arthur and @Treebeard

T’other Phil will show you the ropes on how to get free stuff


Sotonians, please welcome @Brian_Hixson.

Brian, feel free to take a look round and lurk but we’d love to have you as part of the discussion.