:2019: Welcome to 2019 (2018 you can do one)

:2019: Welcome to 2019 (2018 you can do one)


You’ll need a new badge for this NYE! Stellar effort


I sort of know what happened yesterday but wake up to a Unicorn in the house which definately was not there when I went to bed.


I don’t see any unicorn, just pictures of your table :lou_wink_2:


Does the Unicorn’s raised tail indicate it’s going to shit gold bricks or something?


I hope so.
More chance of that than the youngest son getting out of bed today


Theres a table in that photo?


Crikey, seems 70,000 people were at the Polish National New Year down the road in Zakopane for the annual TV extravaganza in the snow.
A bunch of old blokes on stage - no less than those music legends Modern Talking, a bunch of other Europop legends and…
Thank God I didnt spend 8 hours in traffic for that.
Loved the #villagelife thing last night. It wasn’t about getting slaughtered, it was about having fun for 10 hours. I earned a huge Brownie point last night by dancing for about 4 hours. First NYE in history where I need Meds for an aching body not my head.
Fantastic experience.




Blwyddyn Newydd Dda I Bawb / Happy New Year Everyone.
Thank you to all who put time, money and energy into this website, I appreciate the humor, intelligence and information.
The sheep can only meet some of my needs.
Diolch Yn Fawr


Happy New Year

I survived, without a minging hangover as well. bonus, or so I thought.

The Ayatollah, having clocked my functional status, has decided that the tree is coming down, we are going to the supermarket and visiting the in laws

And she wonders why I get twatted all the time.


Some of my friends turned up as Trump’s wall.


Good thing here is that everything really is closed today.
Clocking the Brownie points up by doing what is a traditional run to the Cemetery to wish loved ones HNY.
Afternoon will be spent introducing the family to British Gammon slow cooked in Cider with Parsley sauce, mash & Broad Beans.
About the fastest pace needed for today.


Well, fuck you lot. I’m off to the pub. Stupid day to have a birthday but I’ll punch my way through it. Happy New Year everyone!


What was Klopp doing there?


Happy Birthday Goat have a good one :lou_lol:


Love the look on Chris’ face there! Happy birthday Goatster!


Happy Birthday Goatie!
Glad to see dry January getting the Sotonians respect it deserves.


I’m sure you are very proud of it @PhilippineSaint , but Why did you take four pictures of your table?


Is it a special day for you or something?

Happy Birthday! A friend of mine also has her birthday on international hangover day.


New Year and 1st page of the traditional C_S family “Current Great Autocrats Of The World” calendar.

I think this month is “Vlad Reborn”