:2019: Welcome to 2019 (2018 you can do one)

:2019: Welcome to 2019 (2018 you can do one)


Here you go, a taste of Polish pop & Rave culture.

Had to change my camera settings to do this!


Just in NYE from Damascus

Yep, Damascus Saint rocking the town
Meanwhile the DJ in room 1 has gone full Europop classics, band is doing Polish 80s Stadium Rock classics, kind of Van Halen stuff


Well, I’ve made it, Happy New Year gang
The village exploded with fireworks everywhere. Sod the organised ones it was lovely.
Right, back to Brexit, dodgy deals, conspiracies & squad rotation debates.


Graham Norton’s show can fucking do one. Watching Rita Ora allowed onto a chat sofa has permanently lowered my intelligence.


Happy New Year in advance all.

Will be busy drinking n hugging in 20mins or so



Oh krap. The Moonshine has made an appearance. Ginger & Dogwood…
And of course, more food.
1st medical Red Bull opened
Enjoy your Nicola Sturgeon fan club sing-a-long in 5 minutes!


At some point in the night there was talk of going out. Nah.
Now on vegan Bailey’s.


Happy New Year you Mother’s. I hope you all have a fantastic 2019. :blush:


You too mate. Glad you made an appearance :lou_lol:


Vegan Baileys - wtf?!


Happy New Year people. There are explosions happening all around my Liverpool address.

It must be Tuesday.


It is what it says on the bottle. Non dairy baileys. I could easily drink a pint of it, it’s like a milkshake.


Next step we’ll get you onto Salted Caramel vodka


HNY my fellow Sotonians, I’ve been mellowing out to Ralph Breaks the Internet with my soon to be a teenager son whilst Mrs BTripz is out entertaining the masses.

May 2019 be all you want it to be and more.

Love you all, even the lurkers


It’s 03:05am.
Of course I need another FVCKING meal…
Just let me finish my Goulash soup 1st.

We’ve had Polski songs, Polkas, he’ll even The Gibson Brothers & Discopolski. So far my back, hip & calf muscles are telling me enough, luckily the meds are telling them to fvck off.
Only 4 hours to go…
Best NYE since Coombe Bissett Village Hall in the early '80s.
Thank the Lord for that Red Bull…


Theres a bloke here with an Arthur Scargill syrup.
I can’t decide if it’s real or a dead Racoon.


Mrs C_S has poured herself to bed - hic!

Talking cabbages and Kings with Young Adults #1 & #2 - life doesn’t get any better :lou_lol:


Dancing to Modern Talking & Sabrina
I may need Therapy…


Oh and on saying to the kids that I can’t decipher rap lyrics these days it turns out that “mumble rap” is a real thing!!

On that note - Happy New Year again & g’nite!!



I’m alive! Well maybe for a few minutes more but probably not by midday