:2019: Welcome to 2019 (2018 you can do one)

:2019: Welcome to 2019 (2018 you can do one)


Can’t be arsed to set up a 2019 New Year thread (Bob - could you be a love and do the honours?)

Anyway, saw this on the BBC

Remember seeing it as a kid,but forgot all about it. Funny thing traditions.

Here’s it is:

:2019: Happy New year - all the best for 2018/2019
2018: The Year in Review
:calendar: 2018: The Year in Review

Oops looks like @saintbletch might have beaten me to the punch (or port or beer)


Woo a proper NYE Match Day thread. Sweet.
We start with a 5am alarm, the joy of Stansted & maybe Ryanair will get us to Poland where I can find someone to wish you all something in Polish.


I would say ‘18 was a mixed bag. Great travel - maybe even to much!! Shit football - really shit football (except for England).

Want to do more city breaks this year. And watch a couple of wins at SMS - is that too much to ask for?


Footballing wise this has been the worst year for results since when? Fuck knows but we’ve been shit, I hear the atmospheres getting worse if thats possible, is there any truth we could be moving the away fans? Makes sense, what mutant decided on that layout?


So is this the Official thread or the other one?


Happy New year everybody

Please post a picture of the Carnage after midnight at the timezone you are in.

So Oz Dave should be first up followed by myself.


Although only 5:20pm, I have this offering :lou_lol:


Happy New Year to all my fellow Sotonians. It is currently 2 pm here in Thailand and the sun is shining. Big NYE celebrations tonight, firework display over the beach etc. It will be carnage i’m sure, although at the moment i am feeling a bit sorry for myself as i went out last night with some mates and got ever so slightly over refreshed. Round two will begin in around seven hours time. Oh dear!


Well, we’ve made it down here, even if I’m a tad late with the write up.
Wouldn’t want to put my house on a high excitement factor, like birthday’s, they keep on coming every year.
Anyways, to all you Sotonians out there, wherever you may be, enjoy yourselves tonight and we shall bask in our friendships in the morrow.


Get in!
After a 2 hour post Chicken soup snooze, 1 minute before the shops shut, on an emergency oh shit no milk run, I found Red Bull!
All nighter is go!
Happy hangover to our brothers in Asia


I awoke from my snooze to discover the village is under siege from insurgents.
Out on the balcony on a crisp yet cloudy evening the crackle of small arms fire erupts intermittently from every angle, interspersed with what are clearly mortar rounds… Away over the hill in the distance, the fighting seems very intense, the sky is alight with explosions.
Clearly AK47s some on single shot , some on fully automatic.
I’ve just seen what appears to be a cluster bomb in the direction of the outlet mall.
The roads are strangely quiet as the population obviously cower in their cellars.

(I knicked that from the BBC Reporter next door. MSM report going in of the fireworks everywhere
Happy New Year gang


Happy New year one and all.

Not many rockets in the air tonight. As Duterte has clamped down on the fireworks so the glow of lights over the fields and walls with the occaisional fountain going off.


Have a good one PS.


Enjoy both Phils, maybe we’ll get to see @PhilippineSaint next year?


And we are off and running. About 250 people, somehow we seem to be VVIP, but :rofl: Mrs D_P will have to sing later ( she worked here before coming to Dubai)
We were welcomed with a shot of Metaxa, ouch. A fine Terrine thing.
Our table seats 32 with only the boss/owner speaking English. I’m wearing a Dubai summer suit, it’s 0C outside)

The band have started on What sounds like gentle 70s pop Carpenters style but obviously in Polish.
On a plus side, we have

Possibly Poland’s 4th best drinking Vodka after Chopin, Belvedere & Krupnik.
This could be my toughest mission so far.
Wish me luck


out with kid goat for day of the dead new year party


Happy New Year, Sotonians. For me personally, it has been a mixed bag involving some very big transitions, a trip out to North Carolina I never thought I was going to get, both my kids finishing school and a simple appreciation of how nice it is to work within a sane distance of where you live.

Gutted not to be going to home games this year. Hoping Ralph H can get us on the up and up.


May not last to midnight.
Feeling a bit drained after a holiday and travel and sinusitis. So staying in and drinking into the new year.

Happy New Year (before I pass out). :champagne::tada:


Raise a glass to yourselves Sotonians. Being the only English person here it seems for once everyone wants to listen to me. Yes, the Brexit thread has proven invaluable in understanding and now explaining the rammed thing.
I wouldn’t normally but a lot of the guys here have some absolutely stunning wives all dressed up and going all rolley eyed.
Anyway, the band are actually now playing the Carpenters so pleased with that call.
I have a free beer and 1st course has been #polishfinedining
Duck was so tender, Roulade of Porkvstuffed with wild mushrooms & minced chicken crocquets
Band moving into Polish versions of early Pet Shop Boys.