VVD - will he stay or will he go?

VVD - will he stay or will he go?


Seeing as @themightyostrich wanted more football chat on here, and I have just read the following article, I felt we could probably do with a 5th VVD related thread. This time a poll…

Put ya pride on the table and commit to whether you think he is staying or going.

This fucking topic just will not go away. We got Liverpool to back off and issue a public apology, fearing a transfer ban perhaps, Ralph has said that we don’t need to sell yet still the rumours persist and the same old ex-Liverpool bell ends keep getting their little sound bites out there.

Aldridge is a twat, but we all know he is probably right.

The cynic in me says that Liverpool FC have reached out to ex players to carry on waving the “we want VVD” flag and conttinue the speculation on their behalf, in an unofficial capacity, so as to avoid sanctions. Or they are just dickheads of course.

Anyway… go or stay.

Until Ralph stands up and categorically says VVD is staying (like he did Morgan), then I won’t be convinced that he will be here come 1st September. Once bitten, twice shy I guess!

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Want to vote stay but the poll wording is puzzling me. Perhaps it is the heat? :lou_sunglasses:


Yeah I’ve had a mare @sadoldgit !


My first poll… it should be okay now.


Voted with my heart there, but the noises from the club so far have been encouraging. I think any possibility of a move to Liverpool is gone, whatever their ex-players may say. If he were to go there now we could drop them properly in the shit.


My mate down the pub states he is definitely off…mind you he is a scouser and knows nuffink. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think he is off for a very big fee…hopefully to a bigger club than Liverpool :laughing:

Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Pompey. :astonished:


I don’t know and it does not matter what I or anyone on here thinks. I want this option.


Guess the bin dippers are trying all avenues to get him.

If it happens it’ll be worse than when Nivea boy left.


If we sell him to Liverpool, we will be seen as a club of no ambition, that is only interested in profit. They have gone to far this time and have treated us with complete contempt.

Time to do a Morgan on him. He has to stay, if only to show that we genuinely want to improve as a club, rather than somewhere that prepares players for the teams just above us.


What’s VVD said about this ?


This is more like it!

I think he’ll stay one more season, as captain. and at the end of the transfer window Saints will do a ‘it was all a big misunderstanding and Virgil never wanted to leave’ feature so the fans are fully back on side.


I hope you’re right. Ralph needs to step in behind the scenes (if he hasn’t already of course) and tell him he’s staying no matter how much posturing he does on twitter. So suck it up, take your £80,000 a week to the beach and don’t you dare be a little bitch when we return to training.

Until a moderated version of that happens publicly though the rumours will persist.

I really hope that he turns out to be ‘the one that got away’ for the Scousers. I for one would revel in some good old fashioned schadenfreude!

It’d be great if this was the player we sold to Madrid, Barca, Bayern etc and fuck the Premier League vultures.


I’m voting for VVD to Remain.

And i reserve my right to whinge about it if he leaves.


I have already let go of Virgil, I am nailing my colours to the mast that is Maya Yoshida, who will never leave us and I can love him forever, in injury and in health, in first team and on bench, in good pass and in back pass, Yoshi + Gavstar 4eva.


Reported… Liverpool given fresh hope in respect of VVD moving to the scousers.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo…reputable journalist… :lou_facepalm_2:

makes me laugh…REPUTABLE JOURNALIST :astonished:

is there such a creature?

The tapping up continues and the FA are all over it… :innocent: Saints in jail by this time if the roles were reversed.


I’ve read lots about VVD desperately wanting this move to Liverpool and thinking about stropping, but I’ve seen no concrete evidence at all that that is the case. Is there any?

Maybe in reality Virgil is ‘happy’ to stay for one more season (not actually happy, but understands and accepts the club’s decision).

It’s only mouthy ex-Pool players saying that he should force the move and go on strike, nothing I’ve seen suggests VVD is considering it.


Fuck off Gav, he’s mine, I’ve always been a ‘firm’ supporter of Yosh, I’ve had his ‘back’ on here for a long time.


If he moves to Liverpool then I am afraid that Saints will become a laughing stock. I know we can’t turn down silly money for him but Liverpool should be told to fuck off and stop it otherwise we’ll reopen our complaint.

As I said on Twitter LFC seem to have a sense of entitlement and think everything should be given to them on a silver platter just because they want it.

Guys Liverpool became irrelevant when Man United won the first Premier League title and money started pouring into other clubs.


John Aldrige is a total dick head with his comments.

He seems to have conveniently forgotten his vitriol towards Suarez and Torres when they forced moves away from Liverpool.

Ok for their targets to go on strike and do a Lallana but Liverpool players are not allowed to do it. Hypocrite.


Chutney speaks…

Aldridge = cunt