VVD deal agreed

Just been told whilst eating a pig in blanket,


Time you got out of bed mate.


I hope we get mega money for him, so we can get a couple of players in, or a top class striker/play maker.

I seriously doubt we are going to get the mooted £70m for him now, probably more like £30-40m. Still nothing to be sneezed at.

Hope Barca get him.

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Deal agreed with whom?

Not the gob shites?

To be honest it’s all getting a bit tiresome. I desperately wanted him to stay in the summer but he’s been a shadow of his former self. Whether it’s game time, injury rehabilitation or just general piss poor attitude I don’t know. None of us will ever find out. Now though I want shot of him. Let’s just move on. I’m bored of reading about it. Cash the cheque, stick 50p in the spot of the black box and concentrate on survival. COYR

So the fellow across the table told me, yes Liverpool, reliable? He said Ali Dia was good, but yes he is pretty reliable.


Can we at least have some amusing circumstantial evidence, like one of your pals saw him getting a block booking for pet kennels in Kirkby?

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I’ll see what I can do.


Something along the lines of “seen enquiring into Fazakerly Fight Clubs” would be just the ticket, ta.

Is fazakerly a place? I thought it was scouse short speak for ‘fucking exactly’.


Isn’t that Accrington Stanley?

What they got VD in Accrington?

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His name is Gav not Stanley @btripz


Kid 1: ‘Acccchrinnnngton Staaaannleyyeeyyy? Hoooo ah deyyyy?!!?’

Kid 2: ‘Fazakerly’

That’s how i remember the ad anyway…


Another useless xmas gift. Not even on the right thread Baz :lou_facepalm_2:

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Well, this was in the BBC gossip page today

Manchester City are closing in on a £60m deal for Southampton defender Virgil van Dijk, 26. (Telegraph)

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That would be nice. Apart from he will get a champions medal at the end of the season. Deserved?

Really don’t give a fuck Sim … let’s just get rid. Someone somewhere in the club is spreading the rot. Is it him or not ? We’ll never know. If he isn’t going to play cos his head isn’t right or he’s pissed MaPe off then get rid and work with the players we have left. We’re way beyond sentiment here or what our principles are. Southampton way … my arse … We’re in the fucking lifeboat and we need to lighten the load …