📹 VAR - what's going on?

In shock news

Dominic Calvert-Lewin: Everton successful in appeal against red card at Crystal Palace -

When is a high tackle not a high tackle? :thinking:

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… here’s an unexpected tackle.

Stop it.
Ffs posting images of PGMOL

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“went for the ball, ref”

My only comment would be “just fuck VAR off”.
Far better we vilify certain players and teams for getting away with stuff without the interference of VAR.


This could be a hame changer…

Belgian Pro League: Anderlecht v Genk replayed after VAR penalty error -

No chance that happening here - there are so many mistakes we would never finish the season

“And Liverpool face City for the fifteenth time this season, let’s hope VAR has a better day this time”



Howard Webb explains some recent contentious decisions



“… VAR fuelling completely nonsensical allegations of corruption.”

Wolves lawyers: “to be honest lads, we’d better amend ‘perfectly understandable’ to ‘completely nonsensical’, or they’ll be down on us like a ton of fucking bricks.”


Any rule changes need a two-thirds majority - 14 of of the 20 clubs - to vote in favour.

So the calculation will be, how much will it cost the few clubs that clearly benefit from VAR to lean on enough smaller clubs to vote their way? :unamused::wink: