📹 VAR - what's going on?


What’s going on with VAR?

In theory it should improve things but the reality is something different.

Where is the fault?

  • It’s fine, it’s working well
  • Teething problems, it’ll get there
  • The system is fine, the people using it are at fault
  • Something else (expand below)

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Seems to me that we’ve moved the subjectivity from the one guy on the pitch to a load of people in a room somewhere.



If and when it is used in the Premier league hopefully it will stop some of the most timid refs being intimidated by the big 6 clubs and all the late decisions will stop going their way Fergie time will come into play though as the amount of stoppage time for reviews will increase.

I like it.



We need a new Ricky or Matt before VAR comes to the prem. It will make a big difference. Looks like the number of penalties are going to quadruple.



I think that’s true, until numpties realise they can no longer expect to get away with bear-hugs in the area. Could be a good thing in the long run but never underestimate the footballing authorities ability to cock-up a good idea.



I think there’s some truth in this; however, I’d also say that simply having the ability to review should make a positive difference. While there have been errors, some of them pretty glaring, even with the VAR, there have also been occasions where decisions have been correctly changed.

Spain’s second goal last night was a good case in point. Previously, the offside call would have stood, and the goal would have been incorrectly ruled out. Instead, it was reviewed and, much to the Moroccans’ chagrin, the goal was given.

Maybe it’s the case that having more than one set of eyes checking what are essentially subjective decisions will help; being able to review non-subjective decisions certainly will.



The penalty that Iran got last night, exactly the same as the penalty France got the other day. If VAR brings consistency to the game I’m all for it.

What I would extend upon is education for the players and coaches :-
“You can’t call for VAR, play is being reviewed all the time, if the VAR panel decided there is something that needs to be done they will tell the referee. Stop making that stupid TV symbol.




Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher had an interesting take on VAR at the World Cup so far.

“I thought the players would accept it when you look at VAR but Pepe was in the referee’s face trying to discourage him from looking at the VAR after the penalty last night,” he said over the flashpoint in Portugal’s draw with Iran last night.

"Players will always do whatever they can to influence the referee and I’m used to that. I thought VAR would take that way but it hasn’t.

“It’s almost brought a bit more aggression to the players because they have at times got a little bit nasty to the referee.”



Some interesting views here…




Didn’t Edwin Starr write a song about it?
Sung with a German accent?

VAR, what is it good for, absolutely nothing…

(Actually I like it, honestly much better than having years of we wuz robbed crap about Lampards’ non goal, plus the number of penalties finally starting to catch up with the number of fouls in the box by defenders.
Just need to employ competent referees now.
Just imagine VAR in the EPL with the numpty egotists…



VAR has virtually Ruined the A-League. Admittedly, the league has lost its vigor of the early days but as Bruce Dickinson aptly said, Balls to Picasso!



I think, for the most part, it’s been fine. There was always going to be some issues in it’s first proper tournament.

It’ll improve, officials/players will get used to it.



Hmm, watching this I don’t think it should even have gone to VAR



It struck me that the ref in the Portugal-Iran match was particularly weak, I think he was out of his depth and was relying on VAR for some ridiculous things so he didn’t have to make the calls himself. Hopefully the standard of refereeing in the prem (as much as we might moan about it) is higher than that and they won’t be relying on it like a it’s a crutch.

Definitely in the good system being poorly used so far camp. The players need to sort themselves out with this too, the behaviour in the match last night was revolting in many respects. Time for refs to actually start reacting consistently to punish players for dissent? If I recall correctly, can’t repeated hand gestures to the ref etc be considered as dissent (e.g. making a “give him a card ref” gesture or a “tv screen” gesture…)?



How that ref could look at the Cedric ‘handball’ and give a penalty is beyond me.
Shit ref.

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Totally agree. Same with the Ronaldo pen. He was already going down outside the box before there was even any contact. Same ref Egypt complained about. Think he isnt very good!




Mane had a penalty decision chalked off by VAR in the game against Columbia. Perfect example of why football needs VAR.