📹 VAR - what's going on?


I think it works, although they need to nick a few more tweaks from rugby. Get rid of the ref running over to that screen, let the VAR ref make the call and advise the ref. The ref should be able to request a review at any point. Also mike up the ref so we can understand why they are making the decision. It might also stop the players shouting at the ref. Hard to plead innocence when the phrase “you’re a cunt ref” is ringing around the stadium.


Anyone see the penalty City got tonight, given by the ref reviewing the replays.

Personally I think it was the correct call.

Jermaine Jenas complained that VAR was ruining the game because “players arms are attached to their body”. (no shit Sherlock)

Me, I think the more that penalties are awarded for arms “making the body silouhette” larger the sooner players will stop doing it.

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No different t6o the one given to ManU at PSG or against City in the last round.


But on the flip side, Alexander Arnold handles the ball in the Dippers match … no penalty. VAR has just taken the decision from one individual and given it to one individual. Complete tosh.


This is unlikely to ever be solved. I just see problems.

The best definition of handball / not handball for me is whether the arm is in an unnatural position given the position of the player’s body, the way they are moving and what they are trying to achieve.

The problem with that best definition of handball / not handball is that it is subjective.

So we’re back to interpretation.

The problem with removing interpretation and saying if it hits the hand/arm it’s a pen, is that opposition players would dribble into the box and chip the ball onto a defender’s hand / arm.

I think using VAR to apply the subjective “Is it in a natural position given what the player is trying to do” test is about the best we can do.

The problem with using VAR to apply the subjective “Is it in a natural position given what the player is trying to do” test is that it seems to be being applied differently in England versus Europe.

The problem with all of this is that somehow the officials have to provide themselves with enough wiggle-room to be able to defend giving penalties to top 4 / 6 clubs after VAR review.



I tell you VAR is crap in a crap league (A-League), I can’t believe it will be any better than it is here. Slow, shite decision, did I mention slow??

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In their defence, it seems that there has been a level of consistency in the UCL since VAR came in.
(Yeah I know the scousers) But the “making your body bigger” definition seems to only annoy the biased co-commentators)
nd yes it will still be a clusterfvck in EPL because the refs are inconsistent anyway


Simples - just use Hawkeye.
If it hits hand and its destined for goal - penalty
If it hits hand is destined for row Z - its an indirect freekick
If it hits hand and it was a cross/pass, direct freekick
If some ‘cunt’ saves it from going in on goal line - (think Aguero in world cup QF a few years back) penalty goal awarded and player banned for 10 years for being a cheating cunt

Matches with out VAR? Fight between each teams biggest man, winner decides


Don’t you mean Suarez rather than Aguero?

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Yes I do believe it might have been the biter - my memory is a bit naff

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The implementation of VAR next season and it’s effects in extending the length of the game will see a lot of Sotonians losing good drinking time.
It could see a lot of the crowd leaving before the second half starts. :rage:


On the plus side, those cunts that piss off on 80 minutes will miss about 40 minutes of football.


Yeah but that means I will have to indulge in an extended barrage of insult for the cunts leaving throughout the game. My voice needs to get in some early training for the coming season.


Football has fucked up by clinging to the ref is the only decision maker. Make the video umpire make the call . That way the players can’t boot off at the ref short of running into the car park looking for the tv truck

It works in cricket it works in rugby - the only reason we haven’t got the best system is that FIFA cannot work out how to take a bung in the post blatter world of scrutiny


…and another thing…why are they measuring offsides in millimetres now. Offside is taking an unfair advantage and these hairs-bredths offsides aren’t an example of stopping an unfair advantge. Fuckin’ mental.


I don’t think the Cameroon Ladies are too keen on VAR.

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Well as the laws stand they have nothing to complain about…not that they won’t.


Problem with Football and VAR is that its a sport where everyone think s they know the rules, and too many not officials have too much of an opinion, often without knowing the rules… Other sports such as Rugby, Cricket etc, they have used the video without too much controversy because its kept simple, for certain decisions and folks generally accept the decision … teh best example with footballs ex=players now pundits saying it would be better with more ex-players making the decisions… but thats the point the decisions made should not be subjective, so you should not ‘have had to play the game’ to get it right, just apply the rules.

If teh rules are too ambiguous or open to interpretations, change the fucking rules.

eg… hand ball. If it hits any part of arm its a handball. irrespective of subjective intent or not. BUT VAR and ball tracking could be used simply to determine if teh ball was headed towards goal or towards player in goal scoring chance - penalty… if headed into row Z or out, free kick at point of contact as anywhere else on teh pitch… simple

But as always football blames officials and system as opposed to rules too open to subjectivity…


Yep you don’t need any special insight to call a penalty…you just need to be able to read the rules.