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:gun: US Gun Violence


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Oh dear. What a shame. Never mind.


What a nice way to end the day

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Don’t worry the Ruskies will cover any losses. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


My mind is literally fucking boggling, where there are guns and kids and death there is money to be made :lou_sad:


Interviewer: “What made you bring this to the US?”

What? Do you work in the news?

The whole thing is nuts. It actually makes me a bit sad.


Because you are all fucking pyschopaths


La Roux is understandably upset at them using her music to promote this.


…I really am lost for words… (not something that usually happens to me).

Disgustingly cynical exploitation … $5.5 bn industry… I suspect attacking the same investors who invest in the arms… sell more guns, sell more protection… cunts


NRA Ad. It’s not very subtle and the language is


The guy who shot dead two gaming competitors had twice been admitted to hospital with mental health issues but was still sold guns .

Nothing wrong with the US system, nothing at all.


Seems like the right verdict, I’m not an expert but after landing the first 8 shots and with your target bleeding out in a puddle on the floor, pausing to reload and shoot him another 8 times seems a tad unneccessary.


But he was still making noises and staring at him, he needed to be taught a lesson…


Soooo…when does Trump decide to pardon the officer who was only exercising caution in a tense, dangerous stand-off.


White guy shoots up Jews so is being treated as a “hate crime” not an act of terrorism…


Apparently Trump has said that the synagogue should have had more people with guns to safeguard people. Same old. Same old.


To paraphrase Bill Hicks (RIP):

“The figures last year: In the US, 14,000 deaths from guns. In the UK, 17.
But there is no connection between having a gun and using one to kill people, and not having a gun and not using one to kill people. You would be a fool and a communist to make one”


America is a sad, sad place. It speaks volumes that the kneejerk reaction from their President to this latest atrocity is to call for more people to be armed. It is very tempting to say, let them get on with it, they are beyond help. Sadly the majority of them are too thick to comprehend this.

I would like to think that the Fascist Netanyahu would put his hands up and acknowledge that the actions of the State of Israel in the occupied territories have gone some way to creating the hatred of Jewish people around the world, which will inevitably result in actions like today’s slaughter in Pittsburgh. It only manifests itself in the US because they all have easy access to weapons. And, of course, they have an extreme right wing President who, with his language, encourages this sort of thing. Very very troubling, especially from the UKs point of view, as in six months time we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with Trump, Netanhayu and the lunatic in Saudi Arabia, they will be our new allies and trading partners. What could possibly go wrong?


The sad truth is that their gun laws could be changed By simply amending the constitution, but there will never be a political will to do so even if the public tide turned towards it… simply because of how intertwined the arms industry is with politics and politicians… the inevitable result of a system that lets anyone stand and potentially have a chance provided they have a huge war chest… almost always funded by the worst cunts industry, Energy companies looking to exploit natural resources unhindered, arms manufacturers etc…

… even Trumps recent pissing on the mid range neuclear missile treaty has duck all to do with Tussian activity and all to do with his ‘we have 750bn to spend on arms’ statement…

… ‘people vote for fucking anything that is not what has gone before in backlash to austerity years’ it’s happening globally, as it did in the 1930s… the perfect time for the real cunts in this world to exploit the fears, and worries of those most hurt by the ‘establishments excess’ - yet too blinded by clever politics to recognised the new broom has just brought in even more establishment twats… usually worse than before…

To paraphrase ‘ the greatest con the devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn’t exist’