💤 Unscheduled downtime

:zzz: Unscheduled downtime


It’s a fucking disgrace. I don’t pay good money to use this site, and I expect a better level of service for absolutely fuckall than I’m getting right now. Shocking.


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Ahh, the old intermittent It gremlin. Good luck pinning that down.

It owns my fucking life right now, CB!


You’re lucky you have some background Techie knowledge. I built an information website as a “greenhorn” in 1999 using MS FrontPage as it was free…and it’s still running. I’m still using FrontPage 2002 which generally works (with a few glitches) with Windows 7 but I’m scared everything is going to go tits-up with Windows 10.

BTW the website has about 120 pages. :scream:


Half the problem is the fact that it’s a black box. I only have so much access to that server by design to prevent me from doing things that would affect other users.


Had a teeny bit more of this. Hangover from yesterday. During al the trouble, the service provider got up to the “second R” of Microsoft support and rebooted the server.

Evidently, they’ve got this on a schedule, and because the machine was rebooted this time yesterday, it thought “ah shit, I’ve been running 24 hours. I need to reboot again!”.

Three Rs of Microsoft Support
1) Retry
2) Reboot
3) Re-install


Tried to sneak something in quickly today. Site took a lot longer to come back up, so we were effectively down for 12 minutes. Cool now, though.


Had some issues last night. Wasn’t able to resolve, stuck a ticket in. Don’t think that ticket has been seen, but the server reboots at 2am each morning, so I reckon that has cleared whatever was blocking us.


Seems alright first thing, so try and jump on then, but by late afternoon/ evening, it seems to grind to a halt for me. Keeps logging me out when I change page.


Gotta say,since the speed improvements went in, I haven’t had any problems when the site is actually up. Just that when it went down last night, it really went down.

The only time I log myself out is when using a phone or a tablet and hit the logout button by mistake with fat fingers. I haven’t seen or heard of the behaviour you describe there.


Perhaps it is my iPad? Strange. It has happened a couple of times this morning.


Perhaps it is my iPad? Strange. It has happened a couple of times this morning.


Perhaps it is my iPad? Strange. It has happened a couple of times this morning.


Perhaps it is my iPad? Strange. It has happened a couple of times this morning.


Right, ok. Some more downtime today, which is not good, but an answer, which is.

The Hot Topics sidebar was just as inefficient as the main page at pulling in articles. The Automatic News Thread got very popular, became a Hot Topic, and then promptly killed performance when the code tried to load the enormity of it. I’ve removed Hot Topics from the sidebar, and I believe we are now ok.


It’s just logged me out too, when I hit on the Latest link and I’m on a PC…


I think I was logged out a couple of times when restarting the server. Let’s keep an eye on this and see where it goes.


I’ve had the loggy out thing happen a couple of times to me now.


I had it once more, then the site crashed again…hasn’t happened since


Small update on the outages today. The engineers over at the hosting company have been looking into problems with both our site and the server in general. I haven’t had a final statement from them on what is going on just yet, but will let you know when I do.


Ok, it seems as if we’ve been up for 30 minutes or more, continuously.

First of all, apols to anyone having problems during this time. I know how frustrating it is when you’re used to something always being on and not being on. My honest assessment is that we’ve probably still got a few extremely unoptimised bits of code about, but we’ve also had some issues with the server.

I was tempted to move servers awhile back. Glad we didn’t. We’re operating on some fairly contended hardware, so if we can get every page optimised nicely, that’ll bode well for future scale, particularly when we move to a bigger machine. I’d assumed that everything would be sweet. You know what they say about assumptions.

Thanks for sticking with us during our BETA period :slight_smile: