🍻 Unity Brewing Co

Are moving in August. To Northam, 5 minutes from St Mary’s.
Extended tap room. Courtyard. Indoor capacity of around 60. Open on matchdays.


On that note the Vibrant Forest is on the move. To Hardley. Right by the no 9 bus stop. And they are going to have a big tap room

And it is within riding distance

Riding there distance maybe

I am thinking about buying one of those recumbent bikes. Less height to fall from.


Vibrant Forest Pupa is one of my faves. Vibrant Forest Avena is the devil’s diarrhoea.

where in Hardley the only pub is The Forest Home?

They’re moving (have moved) from Lymington because they need more space.

Moving to Hardley industrial estate are they going to have a bar?

Yep one of the 4 units they have take has been given over to a tap room

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Love Summerlands - proper session IPA

Haven’t tried that.

I’m in the lap of the gods as to what is guesting wherever I’m drinking. I’ll look out for it.

I have a research project for you. I had a pint of the Avena in a great craft ale bar in Portsmouth (The Merchant House).

It was the worst pint I’ve ever tasted I reckon. My review on Untappd said that it had a dreadful after-taste that dried the palette. It was almost astringent, like aftershave had been added.

Your task is to try a pint at the source and tell me whether it was a bad batch or if it actually has aftershave added.


Just over 2 weeks until opening day! 12 taps (own and guest beers), plus bottle/can stock.

I live over Bitterne Triangle way now, so it’s right on my route to the ground. :partying_face:

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A number of us had an evening at the current location a week or so again.

Conflux is so drinkable. Great session beer.

Glad they’re having more taps and guest beers too.

I won’t be a stranger.

See… see where were all you ‘trendy craft ale hipsters’ in the 80s and 90s when a fuck load of traditional breweries were closed ? Drinking piss UK brewer under license Carslberg special brew, Holsten Pils or ‘hofmeister’… follow the fucking Bear indeed… no doubt, or not actually of drinking age so you can probably be forgiven, but what the fuck is wrong with a decent Ringwood or Hook Norton? Not trendy enough for you southern Nancy craft drinkers? Afraid the twigs will get stuck in your ‘trimmed like a Love Island snatch, hipster beards?’



They’re a marketing man’s dream (or woman or insert-gender-determination-of-choice)


Howdy neighbour!

I blame Bletch and his obsession with the canine bollocks brewing company and their ability to sell you smaller bottles for twice the price :crazy_face:

(He is playing it hipster cool though by not responding to the bate :stuck_out_tongue:)

I understand he does not have a beard though as he would look like Michael Eavis if he did?


I think we should ‘out’ any sotonians currently sporting hipster beards that are so 2014…

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