🍻 Unity Brewing Co


School dinner hall? Local village hall? Will they have the local WI serving halves ?

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Poor mans’ Oktoberfest benches

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Funnily enough village hall was my first thought. Comfort and atmosphere doesn’t seem to be part of the business plan.

Still, it looks easy to hose down after an evening. Will probably need to be.


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All you need is a enormous vegetable
Competition (more fun if they look like genitals obviously) and someone to judge the Jam making and cakes and you’re on to a winner there!

More tea vicar?

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It’s a brewery and I’m trying to arrange another piss up in it. What can possibly go wrong?


You couldn’t organise a, oh, I see what you did there.

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To be fair I’m still recovering from the last one.

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Yeah, me too


I fucking hate people that can’t drink.


I’m good with the drinking. It’s the walking home bit that fucked me.


It’s not the drink that I’m recovering from, it’s the not knowing how the fuck I managed to walk from that “night club” to the station and survive.


I fucking hate people that can’t walk.

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Goat’s ribs still hurt no doubt, you should see the train though…


I can’t even remember you making it to the last pub - was that ‘night club’?

I remember throwing some shapes on the dance floor.

Do we still call it a dance floor?


Yes, but we don’t call those shapes.


And is “throwing some shapes on the dance floor” even a recognised phrase with the young ‘un’s on the site - even taking into account the already very high average age??

You’ll be “cutting a rug” next.

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Or “tripping the light fantastic”?


Yeah, after the Sly Fox, I even paid for you to get in…although I only stayed for a swift half…

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