🎼 Underrated Bands

So, on the train back from Twickenham after a few socially distanced pints, listening to a few old faves, and was thinking about underrated bands. So, as a new topic, I give you my most underrated band:



Good thread idea, but INXS underrated?! Not in my definition

I’ve got to agree with @Bucks
INXS were a global success. In no way underrated.
They were shit as well.
They were overrated.


Highest UK chart position 42

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Well you two twats are wrong.


Highest UK chart position 30.


These guys were about 10 years too late with that vibe, but liked what they were doing…

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It’s all a matter of personal taste, what pushes your buttons really isn’t it? One man’s great band leaves another man cold. INXS did nothing for me either, bland and boring to my ears, but i don’t think that necessarily makes them shit. Apart from Phil Collins!
I probably love loads of bands who are, or were underrated. Probably my favourite band is Caravan. I think they were, and still are very underrated. Land Of Grey And Pink is a great album, still stands up today, more than a few of my son’s mates in Wales loved the Super Furry’s and Gorky’s but had never heard of Caravan, who were doing very similar stuff in the 60s - 70s. I took great pleasure in putting LOGAP on and converting a few of them.

Phil Collins has become a huge hate figure, some of his stuff with Genesis was superb, I think its because he’s a tory and a bit of a twat and thought of as excess 80’s culture, some of his stuff is brilliant.
There I said it.
INXS’s kick was great but a lot of the other stuff was trying to go one step further from Cold Chisel/Jimmy Barnes which was also utter meaningless rock, soulless red neck faux shite yank stuff.


Oh and a band thats never got the credit they deserve in my opinion is Feeder, whilst the songs aren’t Cohen or Garfunkel they fit perfectly within themselves.


With you on that one. Saw Feeder in a 500 person venue in Belfast. Brilliant night.

Yank! I’ll have you know that they are Aussie Rock royalty down here, where they originated! Wank they may be but Yank they are not

Also, graphical location has a big say in things. To us down under, Ride are completely underrated but coming from Pommyland, you guys probably have a different take on that

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No, because his music was shit

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Very true. Great band that got ‘labelled’ as shoe gazers, as an almost derogatory term… when they should have been much bigger…and of course Andy bell when on to bigger things with Oasis, but later rejoined Ride. Loved their stuff especially…


Vapour Trail has one of the best outros Ever imho. That first album is wonderful too


Although well respected in many circles and popular at festivals… one band who never IMHO reached the heights their talent deserved is James

This is one of my faves of the more recent years… and simple video that is perfect for the song… and makes me cry every time I watch it… Outstanding


I have so many favourite bands in the past that fail to catch on, a bit dispiriting sometimes when you think they have something special.
This one ticks the boxes for me, an angry fuck you lyric and an epic musical production coupled with a great video still annoys me when you looks at how many YouTube plays this has…half of them must be mine…

For me the moment of genuine hatred came when the cunt released his shit song “Another day in paradise” about homelessness whilst at the same time saying that if labour won the election he would be emigrating. Wanker. And all his songs are shit.


Don’t spend your time talking about what you don’t like…YouTube comments are full of people who seek out stuff they don’t like.