🤳 Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?

:selfie: Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?


That’s how I always think of bass players!


Lemme know if you need a shirt consultant.

Don’t worry about payment, just put aside some tickets for me next time I’m in, ah fuck, I’m not going to Australia, you’re on your own.

But remember this, fame never came knocking at the door of a man wearing a crisply ironed short sleeved cyan affair in polyester.

Will use my ears more and my eyes less when I get home.



Bearsy - groupie

Goatboy - vibes and atmosphere

Tigger - Bass


I thought I could supply the groupies?

What does everybody want?


Get in the band, Lou.


Wait, hold on, I’m not happy with that either! The thing about face-fucking groupies, is you have to be on the right end of it!


@dubai_phil v good vibe. I like their logo too. “Rome” was my fav. The video forgot the part where one of the girls gets left out of the fun and starts yelling at the other two from across the road…oh wait…


Yeah, I wouldn’t have been so bold to say it. But I agree. If you’re going to be a rock star, you gotta go for the fitted shirts, slightly crumpled like it’s been in a suitcase too long, and probably with some kind of cowboy styling.

It’s an unspoken rule.


I’m the svengali.


Yeah, I can just see @pap and I tag-teaming on There is a Light my Fire That Never Goes out.


I’ll be more slutty and appropriate for the times when I choose my next show attire :lou_wink_2:

Don’t worry, when I do my first show in UK, I’ll put all your names on the door :lou_sunglasses:

I’ll also be wearing said polyester shirt for the first few songs only to rip it open to show my Saints top for all of the footballing world to see :cool:


OK, sister.


There’s only room for one shirt consultant in OzSaintDave’s entourage, and you’ve just read a post by him!

Back off.


I understand what you are saying but it’s going to take a fair number of gym hours for that fitted shirt to fit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Fair enough. You keep shirt consultant role.

I’d say my role is more about taking 95% of the profits, rather than making any important decisions.


Is it the same tune as " A land down under" ?


And Dave, obviously, is the band fashion muse. Looking beautiful upfront, and doing a few poses (but unknown to the audience, the soundman never actually plugs him in).


@coxford_lou unfortunatley I’m a loyal type and @saintbletch was keen as mustard for the job


Is it OK to vote ‘no’ just to get an estimation of how many people have said ‘yes’.

Note to @pap , vote numbers at the end of graphs please


*drops guitar, song keeps playing :innocent:


(Hmm, can you tell I’m on a deadline today? Log off, Lou, save yourself, log off!!)