⚽ UEFA Nations League - Finals

So, the finals of the much derided UEFA Nations League are upon us.

Tonight Spain take on the mighty Switzerland
Tomorrow the Netherlands will be hosting England

Finals are on Sunday (9th July) with the 3rd place play off at 15:00 followed by the final


:lou_facepalm_2: Oh dear, oh dear…Topic starter scores early own goal.
Tonight Portugal take on the mighty Switzerland.


And tomorrow Raheem Sterling will lead England to a heroic defeat against a couple of people we don’t like very much

Yeah well they look the same to me :lou_facepalm_2:

A bit disconcerting that the Sky’s commentary is slightly ahead of the action.

Huh that’s nothing…my stream has Jose Fonte playing in the centre of defence.


So the new rules about men in the wall not taken affect yet then?
Portugal 1- 0 Switzerland

That’s so next season, dear.


Just had a look at the team line-ups…Fonte is on the bench. :dizzy_face:

Supposed to come into effect on 1st June… How many men were in the wall? If it’s 3 or more attackers aren’t allowed in it…

Ah, having seen a replay, the attackers, I suppose, weren’t technically in the wall…

1st June, but not for competitions that started before that date if they opted to stay with the old laws.

how are we supposed to argue about the game if nobody knows what set of rules we are meant to be using.
Might as well be jumpers for goal posts and rush keepers.

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Think @Goatboy is still recovering from rules confusion after the UCL final.
It takes a toll on the best of us

Not confused just disgusted.

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I’m wondering if Van Dik will risk showcasing his talent tonight against a team who will hopefully put him under pressure. He strolled through last season ten yards behind the Scouser’s defence playing sideways unchallenged feeder passes to his full backs. Put real pace against him tonight a see how well he copes with it.

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Think we need to play where he isn’t tbh

I haven’t bus w@nkered into town for ages. Triple whammy tonight, Mrs P_F up in Katowice doing her training course, I’m going to an ExPat networking event.
And the footy will be on.
May have to change to an Uberwankered to get home.

Cant wait for Baz’s comments on the England game


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Someone shoot that fuckin’ drummer.

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