👾 UAPs and USPs

Yes, yes, we’ve got a UFO thread.

UAP is the new term for that, standing for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. USP, standing for Unidentified Submerged Phenomenon, refers to underwater craft various militaries cannot suss out.

There’s a new task force that has been established in the Pentagon to look into this sort of business, and the mere fact that different terminology is being used, free of the kookiness of UFO, is telling.

Moreover, governments, particularly the US, are being lots more open about this.

Is the truth about to get out there?

I’ve usually found that comedy spelling errors in the strapline tend to indicate the likely credibility of the work in question. This one is off to a blinder :smile::smile:

Yeah, but you don’t usually find Obama in the vid on record.

I usually find you judge books by contents, not covers.

USPs - Atlanteans innit…

Speak for yourself, if a book cover doesn’t show a girl in stockings with a bloodstained knife in her hand and the word “murder” in the title, I don’t bother to open it.

Atlanteans were just Ancients who built the Stargates.

This is much more Aquaman Territory.

This is good timing @pap. There seems to be a trickle of pressure in the US for a Mulder & Scully reboot/Pentagon documents release.

And in recent months we even had US forces releasing verified UAP videos.

Tbh it’s the only scenario that makes any sense.

The Aliens are controlling Boris

So Obama said

Earlier this month, when President Barack Obama was asked on the Late Late Show about UFOs, he made a few jokes, then said: “There’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are. We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so … people still take (it) seriously, trying to investigate and figure out what that is.”

I’m a sceptic given UFOs tended to look remarkably of the specific era the pictures/footage was taken. It’ll probably turn out to be 1) fake footage 2) military classified shit 3) meteorological phenomena…I’m struggling with 4) Aliens - not least because they need to overcome our understanding of physics to come up with interstellar flight - unless they are extraordinarily long lived / have worked out suspended animation.

This ain’t Star Trek.

Its Aliens.
They were close to Trek but it’s not the Mycelial Network, nor Transwarp Corridors, they use the Dark Matter Web.

Unlike Trek, most of these aliens won’t just be humans with a slightly weird nose.

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They’ll be blue with dangly bits like Stargate Universe obv

Can you explain that for someone that doesn’t give a fuck about Stargate please? :smiley:

What is a Stargate - asking for a friend like…

It’s a means to put 200hours+ of British Columbia on the screen.

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Oh FFS…why do you Earthlings have to invent these fantastical beings when in reality we have assimilated the outward appearance of human physiology. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Seems a bit excessive (I’m sure the locals and scenery are/is lovely, but really…)

It is not us say the Yanks.

It’s in the fail so must be true! It must be Chinese or Russian Hypersonic tests.
Plausible as that Chinese space station has an Ion Drive way ahead of NASA.
But it might be Aliens if it isnt them.
June 25th is the big report day

Telegraph vid on the upcoming Pentagon report.

But what about all the other shit from way back, the ‘50’s etc