Tyson Fury tests positive for cocaine


Could be stripped of his title. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow…


Coke is really not my thing, but don’t understand the fuss, shock or indignation.

“Young man with a shitload of money does beak shocker”.


Teenage mutants #1 & #2 tell me that snorting coke through a rolled up one of those new plastic fivers is more efficient than using the old type. They read it here:

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Surely it’s a bit uncouth to snort coke through a fiver … kids of today, no class

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I know. They’ve argued that I should increase the pocket money so they can be the same as the other kids, but I’ve told the to show more entrepreneurial spirit and move up the supply chain and soon they’ll be using £50’s and sod the efficiency of plastic fivers…


Don’t forget to mention the bit about not getting caught :lou_wink:

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Even if the positive test is confirmed Fury is unlikely to face a ban from competing as cocaine is not prohibited when it is taken out of competition under World Anti-Doping Agency rules.

500 euro note and a whore’s chocolate starfish.

Everything else is slumming it.

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Just so I’m clear, you’re recommending snorting coke from the arsehole of a whore?

Guess it’ll add a certain je ne sais quoi…hope she wipes.

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You don’t snort it(that’d be stupid).

You wait for her to fart. Works a bit like an asthmatic’s inhaler.

Think the women are kept on a diet of chilli beans.


Wrong, wrong,wrong my friend…have just stopped crying with laughter


Candidate for post of the year!


Special badge for SoS please.

Glad it made you chuckle, although I’m slightly concerned that a thought like that came to me so easily.

I wonder what would happen if you googled it? There’s more than likely a dedicated site.

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I hate boxing, as i’ve no doubt bored you with before Why is this even a sport now


SoS - prob best not to Google it - you may not like what you find…

Don’t worry about your thought processes - there are plenty of us on here who are much, much worse… Keep up the sterling work though. Am chuckling…still - thankyou - it’s an image I can’t erase…

Haven’t bored me with it Ted. Go for it. Start a thread. I’m a fan myself.

If we’re going to assess banning activities on the basis of the number of people killed, I can think of better places to start than boxing.

We have over a thousand people die on the roads (many years, it’s many times that). Should we ban driving?

Sports that kill more people than Boxing.


horse riding

motor racing


come on people when you take up a sport you know the risks and its your choice

Do we all want to live in a nanny state?

Oh shit you do :lou_lol:


Is that deaths in total or deaths as a % of participants?

I must admit my first thoughts were along the same lines…