Twatter - Useful or a bag o’shite?

Twatter - Useful or a bag o’shite?


I’ve just signed up on Twatter as you guys have been posting the occasional funny/ thoughtful/argumentative tweet (my user name isn’t too difficult to work out)

Thought it might be fun.

The reality is that it is very much like Discourse only crap(per) - with a lot of objectionable users interspersed with the odd beacon of sanity.

Seems largely to be an echo chamber.

Am I being overly negative or just a newbie.



Useful to raise queries or complaints to businesses that have pissed you off, as they don’t seem to like the public nature of them and reply quickly.

Otherwise it’s a bag o’ shite and I don’t bother.


I use it to connect to my people. It gives me a direct line of communication to many millions of people (some would call them “fans”) that I can influence.


Same here.

However beware that there are some twats on Twitter that will spam your attempts to get justice against The Man.

I was in the middle of a critical negotiation with Costa Coffee vis-a-vis a toast stocking issue and @Tokyo-Saint and @Goatboy waded in and trolled me.

Bastards. I don’t think Costa Coffee took the complaint seriously as a result of their meddling as I wasn’t offered free toast for a year - which as my objective. Instead she 'passed along my comments to the in-store team.

■■■■■ !


There are quote a few cunts on Twitter but I’ll pm you bletch’s handle.


Wank word?!


No you ■■■■■■■ ■■■■, it’s just ■■■■■■.


I added myself as a follower of our very own @pap

Didn’t realise he was such an argumentative bugger



And @Goatboy is on Twatter as @Iburiedthemdeep.

Lots of fake but gruesome crime scene pics.

Well, I assume they’re fake.


Cheers for following me @BTripz - as if that was not ever going to be an exercise in futility/pointlessness


Don’t expect great things (you should know that from my posting on here tbf)

Am I now supposed to reciprocate and follow you. There doesn’t seem to be a manual (or a @saintbletch type) available


Et tu @saintbletch

Don’t let your expectations get the better of you



Likewise, don’t expect to see much from me.

Unless you work for Costa Coffee.

Or FitBit.


Bag of shite… the fact Trump and cunts like him (see rees-moog with disappearing up Boris’s syphilitic infected ring piece as we speak) use it to spread his vile idiotic shit says everything you need to know about it


To be fair to Twitter and (don’t believe I’m writing this) Trump, it’s raw and not edited by someone before I read it.

I’m sure @Goatboy won’t mind me saying that he follows a bunch of people from the middle east and builds up a very rounded view of that part of the world by playing that off against what he reads and sees in the UK MSM.

For all Trump’s faults, and I’m sure it’ll backfire, he has completely sidelined the MSM in the US with his ability to get his bile across, as-is and unedited.


Yep. Follow people you don’t agree with and those that make you laugh. People from countries you’re interested in/unfamiliar with or from professions you’d like an insight to. There is some weird shit on there but once you’ve found some interesting people to follow it’s a cool tool.


Think of Twitter as a soap opera or a test match.

You don’t have to watch every minute of it to get value from it.

In fact if you do watch every minute of it you’ll probably go mad.

Tune in every so often, and don’t fret when you’re not monitoring it.

You’ll catch-up.


In all seriousness I only really use Twitter for work. I follow comedians or people that make me laugh but I did spend a lot of time following the raqqa is silently being slaughtered crew which was very interesting (Although even this was a little work orientated)


Its mostly alright. Back in the day it was an absolute goldmine for bagging free/last min gig tickets.

Even managed to become friendly with some bands (and bag free tickets/guestlist) throughout.

There’s a pretty major problem with the whole site though, and it’s one I cannot believe I have to say in 2018, but it is true. It’s fucking overrun with Nazis, man. Like, properly teaming with Nazis. How the fuck have we let Nazis become a thing again? Jesus fucking christ.


With you there @KRG.


There’s some great smut on there too.