Twatter - Useful or a bag o’shite?

Twatter - Useful or a bag o’shite?


Got to be a bag of shite


Seriously though, it’s ok for local stuff, events, produce, Saints and the odd very funny account. The politics is shithouse though, so ignore it.


I dont have time for real life let alone Facebook and Twitter and any other shite that somebody wants to force adverts for shit i dont need or want down.


I don’t have a public profile on there as I can’t be bothered with any comments and arguments on there. So I just follow people I know, bands, comedians, news etc. It came in handy getting to a very small Killers gig once which has pretty much made me keep it. Just in the hope something good comes up. I agree with @KRG there’s a lot of really nasty people on there being abusive. I do report them when it’s clearly hate speech. No idea what happens with them after that.
Maybe we should all use our names online and then we’d (as in everyone not just us here) would be more respectful and less quick to be abusive to each other.


i used to lilke Twitter then one day I was abused. It ruined my entire life not to mention my standing in the community.

Yes, I had the HORROR of having one of my Tweets liked by Piers Morgan.

I now use it like @Intiniki I follow MLT and Bumble and a couple of golfers, plus a bunch of Saints fans

(Oh the “liked” horror? - Lee Westwood filmed & tweeted Piers playing a very bad golf shot in the pro-am at Wentworth couple of years ago. I made a comment about cameras on golf courses yadda yadda)


I discovered the Hoxton Bakehouse on there a few years ago, who sell out of their premises by the rail station. they do the very best pastries and bread i’ve ever had. Yum.


I haven’t noticed that myself but then I don’t follow a massive amount of people/things.


Perhaps you’re part of the problem?



It’s a great place to get different viewpoints on current affairs and social issues. I’ve learnt loads from just following people who are from different backgrounds to my own.

It’s also a good place for biting satire.

But it’s a terrible place for reasoned debate, and if you follow too many politically active people you might end up angry and sad a lot.

Best thing is to be prudent who you follow or develop a thick skin.

And yes, there is a genuine problem with fascists on there, which Twitter utterly fail to address and pretend isn’t their fault.


Thanks everyone

Based on a scientific analysis of responses, I’ll give it a few weeks and most probably delete my account or embrace it and make £millions!!


I wouldn’t have written that, you should see what everyone is saying about you on Twitter now.



  • The marketing deal I’ve got…