✈💣 Turkish strikes on Syria

Kurd are going to get slaughtered by the Turkish, Russians and Syrians.
This will be like no other I fear, the US has aligned fully with the murderous actions of these nations by turning their back on 2 million people, a sad day for the World, a sad day for humanity.

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Fuck’s sakes, Baz.

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Syria and Russia will bomb them from the south west, many children are going to die, they’ll all have blood of their hands and ISIS will strengthen once again, still pro Syrian/Russian now?

Link to support this, or is that just your opinion?
You might want to look up what Syria have offered before spouting propaganda and if you think usukisis will strengthen in Syrian held territory your out of your mind. The terrorists will be protected as long as they stay close to US bases, as has always been the case. Why is that?
As for the blood of innocent children you might want to have a look at the numbers the west have slaughtered and continue to, but you never talk about that. Again,why is that?

I take it you mean Russia are western also?

This is a very dark day in history. When a friend/ally can be dumped on a whim.
Loyalty is irrelevant, public or community spirit is gone all that matters is what I want. Obligations? Meaningless.
In an increasingly broken society, Trump has shown his disdain for anything other than self.
So why the fvck should anyone else care about anything other than themselves.
In my days in a US Company I had to defend some actions, could see a greater good, a logic, a cause.
Now? I would be ashamed.
An entire people thrown to the bombs for the sake of his personal franchise revenue on a property development.
Utterly disgusting


Agree with every word of that. And yet there are still people who will try to deflect from this utter disgrace by trying to pass the blame on to Russia.


100% this Phil.

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That goes beyond irony and into a whole new world of meta-irony.


You have avoided the questions and the reality of the situation yet again.
Have a go at answering them. You can compare deaths of innocents in the Middle East and the people that caused said deaths, but you won’t like the numbers.

The Russians are playing the waiting game, they want influence in the region, the US already has that, Syria was said wedge to get influence, they’re not going anywhere, warm water ports remember, they’ll bomb when needed to.

Because Russia are only there to gain influence and a warm water port, nothing else, they’re propping up Assad simply for that reason, not as some Kissinger act. I’ve said all along (scroll up and have a look), Turkey, Syria, Russia and the Trump administration are all this together ie for their own wishes and the Kurds will get crushed, its ok though they’re only Kurds…

So your previous statement was just made up then.
Now have a go at answering the questions.

No not at all. Are Russia western or not?

Why does it trouble you so to answer a few simple questions?
Do you know the answers and are to embarrassed to answer?

Ask a question and I’ll answer it.

Do you suffer from dementia, or just smoke far too much weed?