🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Don’t look in a mirror then :joy:
You can’t back up what you said and can’t disprove the reality(unsurprising).
Here’s some info your trusted bbc again failed to report.

US sanctions have failed
Russia and China winning the new arms race
Russia’s GDP (PPP) expected to grow 4% and hit 4.2 trillion (IMF)
Russia world’s sixth largest economy, on par with Germany
Oil and gas share of GDP, less than 10%
Russia’s government and household debt lowest in the world
Russia’s total score on all macroeconomic indicators the best in the world
Russia undisputed leader in military technology
Pivot to Asia gives Russia record trade balance as exports soar and imports stall
CB reserves soar as Russia drops the USD and relies on gold
State budget records solid surplus
Industrial production growing and churning out new innovative products
Massive investment in industry and infrastructure

Which has led some to this conclusion.

Russia – the World’s Most Self-Sufficient and Diversified Economy

That’s not a palatable reality for some, is it?


Who owns Russias debt?
Russia’s economy is based upon fossil fuels.

Can you legitimately source all of those claims?


I’ll finish whilst you’re looking that up with Russia is a commodity based economy closer to Australia say than emerging ones using low wage workers like India and China.
Its threat is prices and they’re volatility, why are they in the Middle East again…
Warm water port, in Crimea…

Tell me I’m wrong SOS.


Back on topic and preferably in the real world please bazza. etc.


Not wanting to get too involved in your and Baz’s tete a tete, but not sure where you found data from the WB showing Russia’s economy is growing at 4%? Their own website shows 1.5% https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.MKTP.KD.ZG?locations=RU&start=2016


Because he is a Russian bot.


The figures include PPP(purchasing power parity) adjustments. Is this misleading, or valid? Had a quick look at the IMF and they seem to include them in some things, but not others.
If we take the 1.5% that would be the same as UK growth, so even then, not bad given the sanctions that in Obamas words, would leave their economy in tatters.


Can you legitimise any of yours(as asked above)?
Can you do it on the correct thread?


Like what?

We all know yours is from Putin’s hotline.


That’s two no’s and a bit more idiocy.


Alright Dianne.


Is this better?

This is the “front page” of Russia Today, there is not much happening in Russia is there, this is laughable and you compare all western mainstream media to this?

Give your heads a wobble Putiners and Trumpettes.


This is the Russian section, ha ha I expect the music section has The Skorpians at number one…



Like who?





When they say anti-Democrats they mean people they don’t like eg Marine Le Pen


And the lead item on Polish TV News tonight is?


The sacking of Jose


I do love Bazza’s post from last week where he says all his opinions are typed by a Wankpuffin.
See? I can be a journalist as well