🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media




That’s quite amusing, but it’s nowhere near as amusing as the English fella who thinks only a single news channel can be watched :slight_smile:


Read it earlier, with more info than the BBC piece, but this bit was in both.

The organisers of the Proyektoria technology forum, held each year for the “future intellectual leaders of Russia”, did not try to pass off the robot as real, the website reported.

So a complete non story, as it was there to advertise itself, as a mock robot.


As a short arse, I would of course welcome the opportunity to trot about in a gigantic mech.

These look like great first steps in that direction :slight_smile:


You can get one now, if you’re willing to part with £3k.
You’d certainly get some attention on the way to work :joy:


Didn’t it get praised for being a robot by Russian state tv?


I’ll wait until the technology is good enough make a big Voltron robot out of lions.

I will of course, form the head of the robot. @Barry-Sanchez will be one of the legs, and I will have a custom pipe fitted which funnels my fart fumes into Bazza’s pod.


Did it? Your article doesn’t mention that.
My understanding is that one channel did, on its YouTube page, but later took it down.
All we’ve learnt, is that the BBC are light on facts(either way). Makes you wonder why they run the story. Propaganda maybe?


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Never ask what is on the news. Ask why it’s on the news.


Why isn’t on Russia Today? The UK love having embarrassing stories about themselves, that clown on a tightrope for example or May not being able to get out the motor yesterday, imagine that on RT concerning Putin?

They’re a serious bunch the Russians about their dictator…


Have you checked RT Russia?
If you want to ask questions about about a state broadcaster refusing to cover a real breaking news story(rather than the misrepresentation you attempted(again)), in it’s own country, try this one.

“Take the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data leak. This was an attack by foreign-born billionaires using foreign corporations and shell companies to usurp democracy in Britain. How is that not one of the biggest scandals of modern times? The story was offered to the BBC but they rejected it. They said that there was no “smoking gun.” A week later, the smoke billowing from Facebook’s Californian headquarters represented little more than the smouldering embers of its previously solid reputation. It wiped off $80billion from its stock price in a matter of hours. Since then, Facebook has lost some 35 percent plus of its share price – due almost entirely to its cavalier approach to data, privacy and, well frankly, sense of morality. Apparently, this was not an important story.”

Or this one.

“How about the Brexit campaign funding scandal? Was this not illegal, corrupt, unethical and immoral? Again, the BBC was offered this story and again they chose not to cover it. What about how the pollsters sold information to currency traders to short the pound when they knew that Brexit was going to happen but told no-one else? Was this not the equivalent of insider dealing? Why has it taken the likes of independent media with little in the way of funding to break open these scandals and not the BBC? It makes you wonder what we don’t know.”
Keep the faith Barry :pray:


I did check it wasn’t there an hour ago.


Improve your Russian and you’ll have more luck(maybe).


People and the western media have reported about facebook, has RT reported about the rouble collapse and protests against Putin?


Not the BBC. Tried to bury it and many others. Obviously can’t be trusted. Glad we’ve cleared that up.

Don’t know, did it “collapse”?
I’d be interested to hear your take on both “events”, particularly the state of the economy(you keep mentioning the “collapse of the Ruble”) since the start of sanctions in 2014 and who those sanctions actually penalised?


It could be heading for the 2nd collapse, it is already incredibly low, it is based upon oil prices also.
Are you trying to say its stable?
Oil and its politics is a very unstable mix, I could throw in US shale as well, Putin is using the oldest trick in the book, diversion and invasion.


You don’t understand their economy and fell for the lie about sanctions. The lie being that 60% of their exports are oil and will cripple them economically, but not mentioning who they sell too(and still do), or the very important fact that all exports(not just oil) only make up 9% of the economy.
Look at their economy and how it’s growing(World Bank & IMF confirm this at just over 4%).
No i’m not saying it’s stable, i’m saying it’s doing very well, despite the western economic warfare.
Do you really want to go back into the lies about US shale(we’ve done before)?


How is it doing well? The rise of oil? Cartels?

Please explain their economy, you also say its growing at 4%, 4% from when?


Back your own claims up first. Maybe on the correct thread.
You’re so obsessed.


My questions on my previous post were rhetorical, you don’t need to answer, I don’t like to see people squirm.