🗞 Trust in mainstream media



Great article @Goatboy thanks





And on Radio 4 news the BBC says it complies with all laws and regulations in countries in which it operates.

Phew, that’s ok then. I’m sure that’ll convince the Russian investigators to shut up shop and go home…


The BBC is so biased the Tories should be made to claim our licence fees as election expenses.


I think we can discount James O’Brien from having anything valuable to say again.

Getting huge pelters on Twitter and rightfully so.


Rowling has had a mare too.


This is one of my favourite replies on that thread. Perfectly sums up Rowling’s position.


As we plough right on into 2019 there appear to be a few loose ends to tie up from 2018.
Where are the Skripals? Does Julia still want to go home to Russia?
Where is all the footage of the Gatwick drone?
Still no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion?
Are the White Helmets helping to rebuild Syria?
Is it all quiet in Yemen?
Why has the Guardian printed no retraction/evidence of its Assange claims?
Are we still paying for the Integrity Initiative?

Still lets crack on with the new year anyway.

Where are the Seaborne ferries?


Oh yeah of little faith…being constructed at this very moment…


I’ll have a stab at answering.

Probably dead, so cremated or 6’ under.

No. Dead people don’t want to go anywhere.

Police/army/SS drones maybe, but that’s embarrassing, so no pictures. There wasn’t any other drones.

You’re not giving Mueller enough time. Another few years and everyone would have forgotten about it and he can slink off once a chosen one is in office. It can happen no other way, as literally the whole world has known from the start that it’s bullshit.

No, not unless we’re going to fly them all back over there. That’s Gatwick down for another 3 days then.

Hahaha, you’ll be lucky. Hardings still being published by them. That’s how much they respect their audience. You know, “fucking idiots will believe anything” and they put up another Harding piece within a couple of weeks to prove it.

Yes and dozens of others just like them(coincidentally you’ll find guardian journalists on the payroll).

That’s a state secret :lou_facepalm_2:


If the ferries are Seabourne I will definitely be using them


Seaborne’s experts have decided to airlift their ships in.



What does wikileaks say about Russia/Trump and Putin?
Has Assange ever sought refuge or a visa for Russia?


That depends on who you believe. The MSM who have consistently been shown to be full of shit or Wikileaks who have never been shown to release false information.



Ah on who you believe, convenient, I’ll always fall back on probability.


What do you base your probability on?