🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


I think you need to be able to demonstrate that sort of thing before you make such sweeping generalisations.

Not even news?

Why? Examples, pls.


They recycle Pap, they don’t report on news, where are there reporters in Russia reporting on Russia today?
You won’t have any issue mind finding a crank who distrusts NATO spouting conspiracy theories.


That’s not really an example.

Goatboy recently mentioned the French protest coverage.

Why is that not news?


All mainstream media were and do show that, how much of the pension demonstrations were shown on RT in Russia?


Why isn’t it news?


Is that news Russia Today?


Good Lord. That’s your argument? That it’s only news if it’s about Russia? Does the BBC only report British news?


No they don’t report about anything negative about Russia, in fact what do they report?


Any reports between Russia and Trump?


The news, contrary to your previous statement. They have quite a lot of Russian coverage, as you might expect from a state organ of that country. Is it partisan? Of course it is, but so is the BBC.

Repeating my previous statement, both channels are propaganda. Both serve other interests.

We’ve had the Foreign Office confirm that the government has been involved in the most damnable levels of corruption, using tax payer money to fund partisan smears.

Where the fuck was that on the BBC?


What would you rather believe if you had to choose? The BBC or RT?


I don’t need to choose. I can watch both. This isn’t Blur vs Oasis, mate.


Deflector shields fully powered and operational Captain…


Hardly. It’s more a case of just pointing out reality to you.

TVs have many channels. Even if something clashes with another thing, you can still watch both thanks to home video (available since the early 1980s).

Your constant appeals for people to choose one over the other are ridiculous. Just this week, I’ve watched RT and listened to Radio 4.



This is fact is it?


Sorry? It’s an opinion piece concerning trust in mainstream media. What’s your point? The Free Thought Project Barry. There’s a clue there somewhere.


My opinion is its written by a wankpuffin.


Nice. You are entitled to your opinion. Thanks for the contribution.