🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Shame RT ironically doesn’t focus on Russian injustices, when was the last time it criticised the Kremlin or Putin?

Its not truth its propaganda.


Yes, because what we need to help establish some sort of balance in the media is someone, anyone, to criticise the Kremlin and Putin right?


Anyway, it’s Mark Curtis, that well known Putin mouthpiece right?


AH I see its not truth but balance?

Human rights abuses in Russia need a bit of balancing don’t they…


Trust in mainstream media bazza. How can that be established if there is no balance in reporting? If RT is pro Kremlin then what is Western media? Isn’t the truth found by exploring both?


You genuinely think all mainstream media is pro British and pro Conservative?




You genuinely believe that Russia is to blame for everything?


Thats a start, how does Russia fare in the freedom of press stakes? Or is that an agenda?


Trust in MSM barry. I don’t ‘trust’ in Russian press. Do you ‘trust’ in the BBC? The Guardian?


Of course not, just
Syria (like the West)
Human rights


I trust them more than RT put it that way, don’t you?


You believe Russia is to blame for ‘Syria’?


Of course they’re partly to blame for the protracted war, they are keeping in place a tyrant but I have always maintained the West should have stayed out as well, proxy wars are the fault of both.

I just don’t solely blame the West you see.


Nor do I. Cunts everywhere.


Its always strange RT provides a voice for the dissenters of the West yet Russia doesn’t allow dissenters on their soil or they’ll end up in it…


And strange that these dissenters are offered no platform on western media.


Because in the main they’re crackpots and experts on microwave meals, people who criticise the West are given a platform, far far more than is Russia, RT is simply designed to criticise the EU, NATO and other perceived anti Russian organisations not provide news, what news does it provide?
Anything about the rouble?
Human rights?

Is there anything on Russia today about Russia today?


You have seen nothing on RT that you consider to be news? How much footage did BBC cameramen take of the Paris demonstrations? Because it was RT footage the narrative then started around it being a Russian plot.
If a journalist appears on RT you consider them a russian shill or Putin’s mouthpiece.
Does anyone believe that RT is impartial? No.
Does anyone believe msm is impartial?


I believe main stream media to be far more balanced than RT, RT is total and utter anti western propaganda, its not even news.

Its laughable crap, they put in some genuine journalist who are left wing and anti western and let them reel off but they can’t criticise Russia, its a joke.