🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Proof not some pro Russian website or conspiracy theorist tin foiler shite, crank magnet I think is the term.


It’s not the CIA, it’s MI5, but austerity cuts have meant they’ve got them on a zero hours contract.


SOS is a proper little Donald Maclean, he ain’t that soft he’ll go and live there oh no.


As soon as you show proof of all your claims against Russia, i will reciprocate.
You can start with MH-17 or the Salisbury farce if you like.
Proof with links to evidence, not bbc pro SS website or conspiracy theorist tin foiler shite, crank magnet. Ok?


Well thats a merry go round isn’t it, prove this prove that, you can’t and I can’t and you need to move on from that.

You can however show me where Pussy Riot is being managed by the CIA ha ha thats a belter that 100% tin foil.


Not as much as anyone that claims Russia shot down MH-17. There’s ample evidence there to show the culprit and your favourite propaganda producer knew from the start. That’s why they have to delete so much. You’d have to be a fool to believe them(lots of evidence for that as well).
You are refusing to even attempt to back up a single claim you have made. Is there not a single bit of evidence? That’s telling.




No there is not there is probability, why haven’t the Netherlands dropped the case against Russia?


Get a room you two.


Fuck that there’d be camera’s everywhere and blokes in dodgy suits smoking fags next door listening waiting to burst in at any moment.



You still haven’t looked up the veto have you?
The case has been kicked down the road in perpetuity(open and reviewed every 5 years, which basically translates to “until you’re all dead”), whilst refusing to discuss certain issues(like 30mm cannon fire holes in the cockpit).
All probability(and real evidence) points at only one place and it ain’t Russia, but you can’t tell that to the people that don’t believe in justice for the 80 children that were murdered.
You keep the faith, ignore the evidence and quickly forget when the media are shown(yet again) to be lying, so the only question left is, which category do you fit?

"Given the amount of obviously fabricated horseshit they have disseminated during the last two years, you’d have to be a total moron or a diehard neoliberal cultist not to recognize the function they perform within the global capitalist ruling establishment (which is essentially no different than the function the establishment media perform in any other society, namely, to disseminate, maintain, and reify the official narrative of its ruling classes).

Sadly, there’s no shortage of morons and cultists. I don’t blame the morons, because … well, they’re morons. The cultists are another species entirely. These are people who, no matter how often the corporate media feed them another “explosive,” “bombshell” Russiagate story that turns out to be a bunch of horseshit, will defend the concept of the “independent media” like head-shaven, bug-eyed Manson followers. Confront them with facts contradicting their beliefs and they close their eyes and start chanting and humming and repetitiously babbling banishing spells. The notion that the Western corporate media may serve the interests of the ruling establishment (just like the media in every other society serve that society’s ruling classes) is unimaginable and tantamount to heresy."


Sorry was listening to Pussy Riot…


Moron then?


I like the sound of freedom music.


You want to change sides to the cultists?
They might point out that you’d need to be a moron to consider that music.
80 children dead and all we get is an obvious fraud of an investigation and morons defending it.


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