🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Its totally relevant as its trust in the Russian state and their media.


Mainstream media baz. Does this mean you think RT is a mainstream news channel?


RT is mainstream but it isn’t news, its a viewpoint of the news, they’re not investigative or follow a story, they undermine, soil and deviate from the truth, question more? Question why Russia isn’t democracy, why it spends far more than it should on its military when millions are in poverty, why allow anti gay laws to be introduced?
Russia is going backward not forward in its human rights.


Ok Baz, the first half of that post could fit on this thread, but the second half goes off on one…


It has a slightly larger audience than this lot.

And we’ve all watched KTN :roll_eyes:


Have an upvote for proving my earlier point :grin:




Amazing how many good people used to work at the guardian, including the late Jeremy Hardy.
Why were they all fired, but not Luke(caught lying multiple times) Harding?
Reading the list of names is a stark reminder of how the whole narrative is controlled and why Harding still has a job. Shameful.



Absolutely right.

Though the article started off really well but went downhill and got a bit waffly towards the end. IMHO


Disliked liberals as well, good bloke all round.