🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


So the BBC is now officially less trustworthy than Abbot when it comes to numbers/percentages.
That’s embarrassing, if you were to believe everything said about Abbot.


She went to Oxbridge, Barry.

I take it your qualifications from the University of Life outpace hers.


This is the BBC’s latest take on it:


Tim Berners-Lee invented the fucking internet but that doesn’t stop you in putting your oar into everything on it technical…

I’m not qualified to do it yet that is not brought into question, hers is as she is on a platform.


I have given up watching Question Time as I found it was getting increasingly painful to watch and post referendum, appeared to get a quite a bit worse. However, as Fiona Bruce has now been appointed as the Chair, I may tune in as, being a man of a certain age, i’d would love to smash her back doors in,. If I were able to, that is.
It’s disappointing to hear that she may use the programme to have a go at dead easy targets like the ever-inept Abbott. I hope she evens up the scores with wankers like Johnson and Raab in future episodes as they should be easy to pick off too. I guess only time will tell.


Now released by them damn ruskies



Whats inconvenient? Her being locked up in Thailand and mixing with Oligarch’s and shagging on yachts?
Profumo affair? The Soviets were involved in that as well, they can’t help themselves so please validate or describe convenient?

The Russian’s have a knack of their citizens mysteriously disappearing who speak against the state.


Perhaps inconvenient that her release fucks up your ongoing boring narrative that the Russians are an unreasonable bunch of autocratic bastards that allow no dissent and bang up / make disappear all those who disagree with them - maybe?


You don’t know what was said do you?
Pussy Riot, how are they getting on?


Don’t know and don’t particularly care at this moment in time tbh.


I care about freedom of speech, the right to protest and the states interference.

Russia is one of the worst nations on the planet for this, they lean, bully and cajole other nations into submission, it does confuse me is as bad as the US is with the fascist (like Putin) in charge people still and will still flock to the US, why? Why not Russia, why do so many leave Russia?


Are you talking about the cia funded pussy riot?


So the US, UK, France, isreal, the lesser 5 eyes nations and all NATO members are worse than Russia in your opinion.


So the CIA are now international Simon Cowell’s, they’re behind you…


You didn’t know? It’s not new information.


Can you post this “proof” I need a laugh.


You need to be careful about laughing, remember.

Now that’s fake news, but the BBC is full of it.
This is more up your street. Please sign up(that would be funny).


So no proof the CIA are managing Pussy Riot?

You do get yourself into a hypocritical pickle don’t you?


As i told you the other day, look into it. You won’t need to try hard.
As for a hypocritical pickle, just reread what you have written today(or any day).
How’s the most expensive yak in history getting on?


Post proof the CIA are managing and controlling Pussy Riot please, thats all I am asking, you said they were now please show it?