🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Evidence? No points of view.


What do you make of this?


I think you said that Russian media never said anything against Putin’s government?

From the article you posted:

“…The video clip posted by lawyer Dmitry Zatsarinsky has now been tweeted by Russian broadcasters and anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny…”


4 people arrested for a criminal act under Russian law. So what?
I did notice this though.
Russian broadcasters and anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny."
Is part of the Russian state, as you claim there is no opposing voices allowed.
Still waiting for you to answer this question.

It’s not a difficult thing to answer, so let’s hear it.


RT I said.


Beat me :grin:


Of course you did.


No, you’ve made multiple claims about Russian media as a whole. Your a terrible liar(i won’t forget the Parry incident).


Are we talking about Ruslan Boshirov?


Simple question. Why are you scared of answering it?


Of course I don’t think its fair and normal.


But are we referring to the Salisbury two who were Cathedral spotting…


So you accept the whole investigation was a fraud?


Also reported on RT website - though with a different take on the story?

Who to believe?


The way I read that RT “report” is that she is quite possibly legitimate, why have they arrested her? I also would bet Thailand was strong armed into releasing her if so.


Of course not, in all probability Russia is involved and responsible, get over it, facts you want?
So do I but I’m not naive to believe we’ll ever get them, probability.


So this was a lie.
All the evidence points to one culprit and if you can’t see that, there is no point talking to you anymore
Explain(to yourself) the cockpit riddled with 30mm cannon fire.


The BBC, and especially Fiona Bruce, coming under a lot of pressure over this, and rightly so. If it is true, and the BBC have pointedly refused to deny it, that Bruce made a ‘joke’ during the audience warm up which implied that Abbott only got the job as Shadow Home Secretary because she once had sex with Corbyn, ie, because of sexual favours given, which was greeted with whoops and hollers from the audience, this is serious. Bruce may as well wear a Tory rosette.Rolling her eyes and looking to the heavens when Abbott, or indeed any audience member with left of centre views were speaking. Bruce is clearly totally unsuited for the role of impartial mediator in a debate programme like Question Time and should be dismissed back to something more suited to her talents, like reading the news from an autocue, or talking bollocks about antiques.


She was poor no doubt about it at all but she is new and will get better, if not she’ll be replaced and Abott was as always just sticks to the party line and doesn’t deviate, this isn’t a bad thing per se but its obvious when you see a clueless blagger who hasn’t the guile to think independently.


It should have been Evan Davis (my vote), Paxman or Marr for the role, that was never going to happen with quotas though was it.