🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Of course,

You think its more probable the Ukrainians fired a missle than the Russians? I don’t, when did the Ukrainian missle BUK theory start? Straight away or later?


And as for you 13/52 25%, that would only be on the first occasion.


Look them all up, then come back and admit you were taken in again, unless it’s your job. What’s your cluster called?
I’ll give you a bit of help, but just because it’s the BBC. Contact them and ask why the BBC Russian Service on July 23, 2014(report by Olga Ivshina) was taken down and even though they apologised, they refuse to put it back up.
If you check all the points out, i’ll even show you deleted bbc report.
Oh and here’s a BUK launching, that no one seen.



Hand this over to the Australians, Dutch and Malaysians now, I’m sure they haven’t seen this and they won’t decide to continue to think, believe its correct to pursue the Russia line of enquiry…


They have already seen it. Look up the veto given to the prime suspect that has a history and changed MH-17s flight path and altitude, but no other planes. It’s really important you know what that says.
You of course will stick with your blind religious faith(now you can’t even attempt to use probability).


I guess so and neither can the Australians, Dutch and Malaysians, they should had used a blag website to help them clear this up…


What like the BBC?
You avoid all points raised, as usual. Your whole argument is based on no more than, they are Russia, so guilty.
Read the veto given to the number 1 suspect and then come back and explain how that’s normal in your ever changing alter reality.
Your fervent belief and dismissal of all evidence is truly biblical.


I’m asking for proof, you can’t provide any as usual, your boorish anti western crap is tiresome, why don’t you move there? You hate it here, I couldn’t abide living somewhere I don’t fit in or hated.


It’s all there and you more than anyone needs the education, so look it up.
I will go through it one point at a time.
Do you consider it fair and normal for the prime suspect in a mass murder to get a veto over all evidence, including the other partaking nations never being allowed to divulge anything the prime suspect doesn’t want known. Yes or no?
Simple enough for you, i hope.



So they took a single poll that favoured their masters?
They are blatant, which is probably the answer to this question.

Looked at as the article does, you have to question the role they play in the supply of (mis)informing public perception.


Thread detailing how 50+ Russiagate stories have had to be taken down or corrected as they proved to be bullshit:


And the Russians don’t build narratives of denial…


If you say so.


RT for one, its not news its a Russian point of view, hence no pro democracy things on there, pro human rights, anti invasion demos, pension protests etc etc.


From the RT UK website:

“RT UK broadcasts from our London Studio, focusing on the issues that matter most to Britons. We bring a totally different perspective to mainstream British television – in line with RT’s core mission to Question More.”

Then you have the English language RT out of Moscow

“RT’s flagship, award-winning English-language channel airs 24/7 from the network’s Moscow offices and is available to more than 700 million viewers worldwide. It covers the most urgent domestic and international issues of our time for viewers wishing to question more and delivers stories often missed by the mainstream media to create news with an edge. RT provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints an international audience with the Russian viewpoint.”

I think they’re upfront about what they do. Don’t have a problem with it. They’re just one source of information.


Its a viewpoint nothing more, a Russian viewpoint as well, with the aim of advancing Russia interests, again nothing more.
If you see that for what it is then great, but don’t expect to see anything like we have in the West, condemnation of human rights, free questioning press, a belief in equality etc etc


Do you see the BBC for the propaganda spreading government and SS mouth piece that it is?
It’s no different from RT(although more factually incorrect).


I see the BBC genuinely as the most unbiased of all large mainstream media, if the left and right both bitch about bias then you know they’re doing something right, they get things wrong of course they do, what and who doesn’t?
RT and Sputnik go all the way back to the Kremlin and in turn Putin, the BBC isn’t like that, you’d like to think it is but it isn’t.


Keep up the blind faith, despite all the evidence.
It couldn’t work without people like you.