🗞 Trust in mainstream media

:newspaper_roll: Trust in mainstream media


Poor old Bazza. Still swallowing the bullshit.


They have nothing to say, as only one nation got a veto. The Malaysians aren’t happy though. Everything i said above is provable fact.
You stay in narrative driven fantasy, or check any or all of them out.
Don’t fear truth Barry, unless of course, that’s your job.


I think he’s smarter than that, so payed up.


What bullshit? Russia lied in this investigation?

Why won’t they talk to the Dutch or Australians?

What about the “alleged” Ukrainian aircraft in the area? Lies.


Where is the proof? If the proof is out there why don’t the Russian’s and you of course show the Dutch, Malaysians and Australians this so they can prosecute the Ukrainians?


It’s all bullshit Bazza, surely you can see that. The only thing that needs to be asked is Cui Bono.


Please go and read the terms of the veto, that was given to the prime suspect.
Then have a hard long think about what it means and the fact that it was given to the prime fucking suspect(with a history).
What kind of altered reality are you prepared to accept, if you can’t see the major fucking issue there?


What lies did Russia tell?




They didn’t admit to it instantly, so obviously liars.
Read the press, you’ll learn :roll_eyes:


Proof, please.

Please state proof it was the Ukrainians and then send it to the Aussies, Malaysians and Dutch as they’d be very grateful.


Proof of what?


I asked what lies did Russia tell, you asked Proof? Doesn’t make sense.


The Ukrainian plane alleged to have shot down the MH17 was a photo shop by the Russians.




Didn’t take Fiona Bruce long to start earning her corn.


Well I don’t have any but I have always said probability, the probability is it is a Russian missile fired by Russians.

Proof? There is none nor admittance at this stage, Russia thrives on deniability like all conspiracy theorists, nation haters and tin foliers.

Try this though


So you have no proof then. Fair enough.


I’ve never claimed I have.


Not much of an understanding of probability either, a term which is largely a maths conceit, and largely accompanied with a couple of numbers.

@Barry-Sanchez - the probability of pulling a diamond suit from a random pick in a pack of cards is one in four. I know this because there are 52 cards in a pack and 13 of every suit.

As you’ve always said it’s about probability, could you please explain the probability of the Russians doing everything you’ve attributed to them?

With a couple of numbers and an explanation of what lies behind them, if you could, ta.