:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Maybe we can get The Donald to ‘elect’ Corbyn for us?


Pile of crack - they were blaming Venezuela for financing that migrant caravan t’other day weren’t they?

Which I think was disproved, but let’s not let that get in the way of a good story eh Donald




Apologies if already posted.

Very funny.



Ooh ratcheting up the rhetoric

Do “they” think we’re so stupid to fall for it? The US doesn’t give two hoots about Venezuela- it’s about securing easy energy (oil) outside of the Middle East as they f’d up there big time.


Trump & Co. The gift that keeps on giving




Billionaire Deripaska has been fingering various pies for years.


Why do they keep calling a known prostitute(and pimp), with a history of lying, a model, whilst repeating things she’s been saying for over a year, without one shread of evidence(that she claimed to have. A bit like Mueller).
It’s deliberate propaganda, or the most shockingly naive journalism ever(since their last piece about that country you’re not allowed to infect other threads with).


You’d probably stone her, you can’t being yourself to believe there is any link to your beloved Trump and Putin.
They’re both dictators and crooks.


Ffs sake guys don’t start it on here too.


I’m struggling to see how ‘Billionaire bangs prostitute on yacht’ is going to scare the fuck out of Trump or Putin. Straw clutching.


You’ve completely ignored my question and gone straight in with the NATO /Atlantic Council play book.
She is a prostitute, not a model.
She is a known liar.
She claims to have evidence, but refuses to show anyone.
Can you not see a problem with the article and your (lack of)reply to my question?


Just for you Cob and seeing as Barry was quite complimentary about the team last night(despite it not being a great performance), i’ll put something he’ll like on another thread.
Out of interest, how do you view the state broadcasting services piece on the prostitute?


Nobody signed Trump’s helmet, Trump is bemused :man_shrugging:


Thats surely because it’s too small?