:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Very articulate and intelligent women… sadly its not what Americans vote for, and would probably be called some sort of snow flake liberal bollocks by Bazza


That’s a bit harsh on @Barry-Sanchez I think he’d actually be backing what she’s saying.


Uhm… not so sure. If he thinks I am one, then considering I impressed by this Lady, I suspect he would make equally ridiculous assumptions using such ridiculous labels…


I have a lot of respect for Map, and for Bob too. But which of them is right about Barry? Only one way to find out…


That I do not believe for one second.


:grinning: Nah… He’ll know I am just trolling him… badly, as not much use with modern internet malarky


Did he not respect you in the morning? He did me


Remotely maybe as I didn’t feel a thing this morning.


Well he is rumoured to be ‘small’


Bob, how could you? I’m in bits here.


As Orphan Annie Sanchez would say ‘Its a hard Knock life’ get fookin over it

(RIP Daddy Warbucks (Albert Finney)


Meh, you’ll survive!!!


She is a socialist not a liberal, there’re vastly two different things.
I agree with her far more than I disagree with her and she is the future of the American left, her and Sanders running together would be great.


Glad you cleared that up china :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There was me thinking you could be a socialist AND liberal (as opposed to A Liberal) - see easy or old political numpties like me to get confused you know…


You seem to think they’re bedfellows, most true socialists are anti EU and liberals are pro EU.

Glad this cleared things up.


Oh you are so wise Barry… but you can be socialist and liberal… especially if being bedfellows is anything to go by… very ‘liberally minded’ these socialists, jumping into bed with anyone… :relaxed::hugs:


Socialism has many paradox’s, one being the desire for decentralised government - but in simplistic terms, the further left you go, there is a need for a more centralised collective to ensure the true Marxist principles are delivered on a national level… complex thingy this stuff dont you know… so its understandable they are a bit confused, and why many ‘True socialists’ I know are torn between fundamental socialist principles, and the principles of union and integration - and I do know quite a few… they are also old enough and wise enough to understand the passion of the firebrands who live and breathe Marx, yet can see that we live in a global economy, where we stand the best chance of providing social justice if we are fortunate enough to be able to have enough local taxation to fund it… we need rich people paying lots of tax… we need to encourage commerce and industry and its best served by being part of greater economic union, not less… not because its RIGHT or WRONG, but simply because that is what the Industrialists WILL DO… as we see with the tory fuckers who have already ensured their business survival by shifting stuff to Ireland or EU…

See this is the problem with socialism… it was defined in a different era and has been stagnating ever since - We do need socially principled politicos that are pragmatic realists, not naive idealists…


I bet you’re a liberal democrat and now an SNP voter, just a hunch.
If you’re a socialist you vote for the Socialist Party or the Labour Party, liberals go to never neverland and vote for the Liberal Party.


You love your assumptions and labels dont ya Bazza… but you are wrong

Having said that I live in a constituency where the Lib Dems fight it out with the SNP at around 46% of the vote each - last election went SNP by 12 votes…

That is how shit our voting system is in that vote for anything else and it has no impact at all… but this country voted to keep this shitty system in a … referendum … another one in which many could not even grasp the concept of STV…


Nope still sticking, you’re a libby and now a Nationalist.