:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Only ever played the game once and enjoyed it (think it was the company @pap)
This made me chuckle.




Raking America great again…

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

California wildfires: Finland bemused by Trump raking comment - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46256296



Not sure what is funnier. Trump or the article.
Trump comes out with some shit, but i don’t think he’s told one as ridiculously unbelievable as this one from the article.

“On each occasion, concerns about collateral damage”.

This is a more accurate telling about Bin Laden and other events now associated with him.


No Donald, the climate isn’t changing at all. No siree.

BTW you may want to contact Boeing, looks like Saudi and Kuwait may soon need to buy Hovercraft to replace their Bus Routes

Or in Kuwait



Possible incoming


That article is unbelievably inaccurate, to the point of being blatant lies. This a good example.
“Russian use of fake social media accounts to influence the 2016 election.”
No mention of the content, or the fact that a large portion were after the election.

How about the fact that Mueller doesn’t want to go to court, now their lawyers have turned up and rightfully demanded full disclosure.
You only have to look at Meullers history to know he can’t be trusted.

The emails were not hacked by Russia as Mueller knows. Sessions was not sacked, but left as he would have been a complication legally(conflicts of interests) and Grucifer has been exposed.
Why don’t they mention any of this?


Because it is msm…
Always an agenda. Manipulate opinion (why the editor always has a column) rather than report facts as we have seen
Point is the story is out there


Agree completely, i would just like some balanced reporting(journalists like everyone have opinions, but a good journalist makes that clear and offers balance). It’s getting worse by the week, to the point that anyone that even has a cursory glance at foreign or non msm media, knows they’re being lied too. Unfortunately since that hideous Viner has been in charge, the guardian is now one of the worst.


Turns out the Russiagaters were right all along. I feel so stupid now.

Not really :joy:



He’s clearly not all there is he



These are like the best xmas presents.



Here’s a good reminder of why all the talking heads, talk more bollocks than Trump himself.

All rather reminiscent of this.

Worth scrolling through, to see the effort put into an obvious lie.


Seriously, it’s a Super Deluxe YouTube video!


Needed, to show the Super Deluxe Bullshit on offer.
Are you saying that you didn’t feel important, just from watching something with so glorious a title? I find that hard to believe.