:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


If only his copter had been taking off from the King Power…

If only.



Does it ever end?? The man is a fool. Does he not realise?


Yes, the man is clearly bonkers. Next thing we know he will be tweeting and posting on football forums, issuing dire warnings that the rest of Europe are under threat from a “German dominated EU army”. Oh, hang on a minute - - - - !


I’m actually conflicted on that Trump post. It’s rare that happens.

The reason for the conflict is that Trump isn’t wholly wrong. The Germans had been in occupation of Paris for over four years. Like most places the Germans occupied, there was plenty of collaboration and plenty of people being sent back and forth to Germany.

Of course some French people learned German. They did so to survive in an extremely uncertain world after the complete and utter failure of their leaders to protect them.

I will never forget Young Adult Unit #1’s first abroad trip. She wasn’t quite eighteen, and they were going to Paris. She sent me a load of pictures of Paris, and I was taken aback by the beauty of the city.

I replied, “that, dear, is how beautiful your capital can look if you surrender your capital immediately”.

Of course they learned German.


“…Of course they learned German.”

Just like many Dutch, Belgians, Danish, Norwegians, Greeks, North Africans (can’t remember which ones Adolf invaded) Poles, Slovaks etc etc etc but obviously some of them subsequently then learnt to speak Russian later in the war.

But I’m sure you get the picture.

Trump conveniently forgot about them - but you know what, I don’t think he did.


Their heads of state weren’t trumpeting up an EU Army.


Eh? That was a bit too Barry for me. I suspect we’re talking at cross purposes here.


The other leaders aren’t bigging up an EU Army as a bulwark against powers such as the US. Macron was.

That is possibly why Trump directed his ire at the French.


I was talking WW2

Cross purposes


Nope. So was I.

You were moaning that Trump didn’t have a go at these other nations for collaborating with the Nazis and learning German.

I was pointing out that the only reason that Trump had a go at their WW2 record was because Macron had talked up an EU Army, and the present leaders of those other countries didn’t.


A bulwark against powers such as the US sounds very sensible to me. Especially compared with standing shoulder to kneecap with them as we do know, and will end up shoulder to ankle once we have Brexited. But of course, for the Really Smuggs, Bojos and their chums leading the charge for a no deal Brexit that has been the plan all along. They are treasonous, hypocritical lying charlatans. Just wait until we have to start negotiating trade deals with the Trumpster, having no choice but to be whipped into line supporting his version of Foreign Policy, then we will find out what 'loss of sovereignty ’ really means. Bend over and assume the position!


That’s a very worst case scenario, @Nottarf-Krap. It’s a blooming dystopia, is what it is.

Referring to another US President, I’m with Lincoln. The best way to predict the future is to create it.


Away with you to the Brexit thread, you have much to discuss there.



You know as well as i do that in the real world, here and now, when push comes to shove, whether it be in trade negotiations, foreign military adventures and the rest, we will do as we are told. That’s the way it is. I have no doubt that Corbyn would like to move the country away from this subservient position, but he won’t be allowed to. Sadly.


Or what, though? And this is the bit I really don’t get. Or what?

What sanctions do you think will be applied if Corbyn starts pushing a nationalisation agenda?


Is the First Lady now taking after her husband?

Though tbf Ricaardel seemed still to be in her job looking at the pic accompanying Trumps tweet about Diwali.






Chipping away at Tump’s mad administration?