:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


He is at it all the time. There’s just no keeping up with him. I just read an article written before he became president about his Mob links. He can pretty much do and say what he wants with no repercussion.
There is a Brazilian election with a similar candidate who looks like he is going to win.


Where to start on this one.


Could fit into about 5 of our threads and create the same reaction…

So The Jews are creating anti-semitism hate crimes themselves…


Democrats take Congress.
Now the fun can start.


I thought Congress was the House of Representatives plus the Senate.

If that’s the case, the Dems have just taken the HoR. The Republicans have taken the Senate.


Trumped has strengthened in the Senate, which means he can pretty much appoint who he wants into the Judiciary and into Exec positions

The democrats taking the house of Reps means that they can start investigations into his financial affairs, although if they just overtly do for political gain, I suspect some form of retribution will be forthcoming, be it tit for tat when the Republicans regain control or some other sanction that is available


In the first major election since Donald Trump became president, the Democrats have regained their majority in the House of Representatives – allowing them to block much of the President’s agenda.


This isn’t actually Trump news but does anyone find it strange over this side of the pond both right, centre and left have no time for Trump. He seems to be universally disliked which gives the impression he would be unelectable over here.
Only in the US??


The fact that a dead pimp can win an election in the US, in Nevada, speaks volumes about the electorate in ‘the world’s greatest democracy’.

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” - H.L. Mencken.


Just wow. What a train wreck


I can confirm that our top man in Dubai is not over wowing it.

Fuck me.

Scary things:-

  • His base are going to lap this shit up
  • The man can create Executive Orders
  • He is Commander in Chief of the USA

Trump is to the US what Commodus was to the Roman Empire. He really is the turning point.


Pure and simple …he is trying to silence opposition.

Democracy in action. :lou_facepalm_2:


The worst is, his supporters and there are enough of them, think this IS a great way to behave… Its the scariest aspect to all this the he has managed to convince so many that this style of ‘leadership’ is what America needs… I am sadly of the opinion he will win a second term because of it… when he can really do as he pleases… he is off the MOT scale


Trump is a puppet that likes being a puppet. He doesn’t give a fuck whose hand is up his arse as long as he can get onstage.

It ain’t Russia btw. I feel his opponents would do much better in tracking foreign influence if they concentrated on embassy moves than the Russians.


Think CNN have just told him to fvck off


Think Trump won’t give a fuck - plus they will gladly take his advertising dollars in a couple of years time


This bit is amusing.
“The President’s ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far. They are not only dangerous, they are disturbingly Un-American.”
Surely there is nothing more American, than attacking those less powerful than you.


Just when you think he can go no lower…he proves us all wrong.

Now expecting him to take his strides down and have a hearty dump on the carpet at the next briefing.


the real problem here is that Trump will view the increase in his senate majority as a validation of everything he is doing. He will ignore the fact that he lost the house as that does not fit with his internal narrative.

@pap had it right when he compared him to one of those mentalist roman emperors



I see Trump is taking pelters for not going to a Cemetary in France.
But when you read the actual full story, the torrential rain grounded the Helicopter he was due to fly in, not that he didn’t want to get wet.
Wouldn’t normally post in his support but far too many firing off on Social Media without full facts is something we accuse him of and we should be better than that.

Although obviously if there had been a security alert I’m pretty sure the Chopper would have flown him out…