:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!




I was sad enough to watch the Kavanaugh senate hearings yesterday. It was pretty heartbreaking.


I believe her.


If it were down to who would benefit by lying…he would, she wouldn’t.


She actually came forward 4 weeks before Trump picked him as soon as he was shortlisted. She made her original statement weeks ago.

The whole hearing was a sham. As LLS said, she had nothing to gain. Her testimony was so truthful and honest, you could actually see how it was optically awful for the Republicans.


I find it very interesting to hear reports of Russia and China stockpiling gold, especially since they’ve both been recent targets of US foreign policy.

It didn’t start with Trump either. Obama’s “Pivot East”, otherwise known as sending shitloads of military forces into South East Asia is a clear provocation, as was the outrage in Ukraine which has left a formerly coherent state war-torn, in the hands of the far right, and the action in Crimea. Another huge provocation.

Russia came out to play during the 2013 Syrian chemical weapon incident, interceding in possibly the only way that could have kept the West out without military action. China is quietly re-asserting its authority in the South China Sea, building artificial islands for military installations.

Both these countries have had their cages rattled by the US. Trump is rattling China’s even further with the trade war, especially given their export market to the US. The Chinese simply don’t buy enough from the US to be able to reciprocate in kind.

What Russia or China could do is use that procured gold to create a currency based on the gold standard. Unlike when Gaddafi tried to do it, the US can’t simply roll in and create an ungoverned space to address the situation as it did in Libya, not without creating an existential threat to itself.

If they both did it together, the fundamental tenet of fiat currency, belief, would disappear. Western currencies would be ruined. Trump’s truculence toward the Chinese is pushing them close enough to the Russians that they might have that chat.


What reports of Russian and Gold stockpiling have you heard my friend?


Russian and Chinese gold stockpiling even. :slightly_frowning_face:


I don’t think there is any doubt that she was telling the truth. As SaintBristol says she had nothing to gain, the idea that she would just make this up, an educated woman, a doctor, would put herself through what she had to go through yesterday unless it happened is surely not believable to any reasonable person. But i do worry a little bit about where this could end. Kavanaugh is clearly a horrible human being, who’s views of the world belong in the dark ages, if someone like him became a Supreme Court Judge,(for life) it would be a disaster for ordinary Americans. But in deciding whether he is a fit and proper person for the role how far back do we go? These allegations concern events that happened 36 years ago, when he was a schoolboy of 17. Now if there are similar events that have occurred in adulthood, that show a pattern, then of course nail him to the wall. But if not, i do believe that the precedent this is setting will deter people from putting themselves forward for any role in life that would put them in the public eye. Politics, Arts, whatever. Where will it end? Next year it could well be someone who did something silly at a party when they were 15, as most of us did if we are honest. Thirty five years later, it comes back to haunt them if, for instance, they progress to be a prominent politician, or actor, musician etc. And after 15, maybe it will be 12, and so on, that is the logical conclusion to this, especially in America. I have no doubt that this hearing, no matter which way the vote goes, will open floodgates of similar claims and counterclaims. It is inevitable. Anyone who takes a path in life which, if they are successful, will make them a household name, will have to sit down, trawl through their life back to when they were a child for anything that they may have done which in the cold light of day 40 years later under media scrutiny has the potential to destroy their life. Just trying to be devils advocate here. I don’t necessarily want my heroes, politicians, musicians etc to be comprised of people who’s proud boast is that the naughtiest thing they ever did was run through a field of wheat. Food for thought.


Russia and China would be mad if they weren’t to be honest. Trump’s performance at the UN the other day when he went off on an obviously unscripted rant at China was outrageous. He is a lunatic. Also of course, before Gaddafi was deposed for attempting to create the African dinar based on gold for oil sales, bypassing the dollar, Saddam Hussain was trying to do the same. Look what happened to him!


I think it is relevant what he did as a teenager. Particularly considering he became a judge who may be lenient in his legal decisions on say sexual assault cases.
If you go for certain political roles you are asked about your past life and anything that may come up and bite you later. So yeah you may have to be squeaky clean. I think as a 17 year old you probably know when you are doing something that you shouldn’t. UK and USA legal systems would suggest you know at 10 / 11 (this has been debated elsewhere on here).
I am concerned if a judge who is meant to decide on important cases has acted illegally in the past with no repercussions for this.
I think what this also highlights is the number of women who are reporting they have been sexually harassed/assaulted during their life.
These are some pretty depressing stats from the USA. https://www.nsvrc.org/statistics
Of course really worryingly is the the USA president is someone accused of assault.


The problem is this is the exact argument that the GOP party wanted. It was years ago, just some high jinks at college. Nothing to see here.

The supreme court is though is a lifetime appointment. You’re expected to be credible, an apolitical impartial person whose job is to judge on the constitution. It’s a key appointment because he is being put in place before the November midterm elections, so he can pass legislation to allow the president to pardon anyone who is found guilty at state level.






Plenty to pick from there sir, from mainstream to everything else.


During the hearing, the US national domestic abuse hotline got inundated by calls


I suppose that’s a silver lining to this all. Sadly the systems to support women aren’t out there as being dismantled by men like Kavanaugh. That room of men just highlighted how power structures are still so biased.
In the UK those structures are being underfunded too.


Hey Intiniki, you forget that Kavanaugh had a letter from 68 women who he’d worked with, which he magically conjured up in 12 hours. Despite claiming he knew nothing about the impending sexual abuse claims. Subsequently, many of those women have retracted the statements.


This has definitely been happening. Non us/uk media has reported on the petroyen, the dumping of the dollar and the movement of gold for a while(not just those two countries). It all comes back to energy and the West’s lack will destroy it(fiat was always bullshit).
One place economically that i thought China could fuck America is rare earths. China has them(over 90% of world production), American companies needs them(no apple without them). 60% tariff on all products containing rare earths for the American Market/companies(wherever based(might as well play the sanction game like the west)) would potentially destroy them.


I’ve also read the non us/uk media reporting on the petroyen. Question is, what’s your fave New Order track?


And I don’t disagree

I don’t like airing dirty laundry in public either. If you want to then you are seeking something. Not sure who is right so this post is ambivalent…