:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Doesn’t matter which side your on, your being played.

"Trump, of course, is an authoritarian through and through, organizing a fascistic attack on immigrant workers and developing tools that will be used against the entire working class.

However, his opponents, utilizing of the methods of the palace coup—intrigues, leaks, media smears, special prosecutors and other provocations—are no more wedded to democratic forms than Trump. The essence of the drive to censor the internet, spearheaded by the Democratic Party, is revealed by the JP Morgan report: it is the platform for “social groups,” above all, the working class, “to become more self-aware.”

Trump is not the worry, the worry should be what follows.


The genius’ prediction game is as strong as ever, I see


There will be a movie made about this.

And it will be a tremendous, tremendous movie.

It’ll make America great again*.

* Unless there is a civil war sparked by all the actors lining up to play the evil orange blob.


Just because this has scarred me I feel others should have the joy.






Yeah sorry about that. I am still reeling hours later.


And so you should be.

Dragging this site down into the gutter. This is a local site for local people; there’s nothing for you here…

Shame on you!



Decent article here - chimes with a lot of what Saint or Sinner has posted on this thread.


The guardian chuck out a balanced article just to confuse me. Some truth in this bit and it’s our media leads that leads the way, which then rubs off on all of us.
"But it is a weakness of our time that we insist (completely contrary to reality) that a person is either good or bad, or to be supported or opposed. I think it is a positive thing that we complexify moral judgment.”
I still think, if things continue like this, it’s what comes next, rather than trump himself, that’s the real concern. He may prove to be no more than a useful idiot. Then again, if he reduces American foreign aggression, he’ll be more deserving of a Nobel peace prize than any other President before him.
What a strange world we live in🤔


Not his best but worth it for the riffing on variations of mushroom dick.


Good article from William Blum.


This was mentioned in it(linked, but here it is anyway) and is worth a watch as Aaron Maté makes Luke Harding look like the lying idiot he really is.

Another 10 months on. Any evidence yet?


Luke Harding. He should be writing children’s fairytales.

Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK



So has he just called that journalist a liar?

You would have thought he might have learnt to moderate his language given he was almost wiped out, the last time he locked horns in this manner


I think the update brings in to question who he thinks is responsible for the article as the journalist mysteriously retired on the same day as publication.


Isn’t he complaining about Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Dan Collyns and Luke Harding, as the authors of the fairytale he linked?
I don’t think it would be hard to win that case.


Trump being laughed at by the UN membership was quite amusing. Imagine the world we now live in.


Weird thing is he seems genuinely taken aback by the laughter.


Going by his personality traits and also verified by some commentators, this speech in 2011 may have tipped him over the edge. As well as Roger Stone and his Russian debts.