:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


The reason they are persisting with him is because he will tip the balance of SCOTUS and will roll back Roe vs Wade, banning abortion.

If it wasn’t so sad, it’d be funny watching the GOP tie themselves in knots over this. They’ll still have the gall to call themselves the party of family values. They are barely any now trying to deny his actions, or call her a liar. They know he did it. This is a ‘conservative’ party lead by a serial philanderer and possible sexual predator, nominating and supporting others all over the shop.

They are all still trying to pull the ‘he was just a kid’ defence. Which is obscene. A) it’s not as if he’s not been able to progress with his career, not being able to sit on the supreme Court is not blocking some birth right. Though, as his testimony demonstrates, he’s an entitled fuck nut that clearly hasn’t got the temperament for the job. Can you imagine the reaction Dr Ford would have got if she reacted the same way as her? Try telling us again that sexism isn’t real.

Oh and B)

You can add Brock Turner to that too - the convicted rapist that we were meant to feel sorry for because of his promising swimming career.


Yep, the whole meeting was a charade. To put in context, the supreme court is looked on as a beacon of US democracy and how their political structure is a lesson for the world. Senate commitee members are supposed to be impartial, sober and to judge things outside of party politics.




I know some people don’t like comparing Trump and his admin to Nazis, and perhaps that is understandable. But, these sound a lot like Concentration Camps to me


why aren’t they in foster care??




If you thought that Democracy was a joke in the US, it certainly is now.


Yeah, saw that.

And a portion of our politicians think the USA is the country to cozy up to.





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i’m rubbish at this


Anyway, I tried to link an article by a US political historian who wrote an a piece comparing the current state of US politics and how it can be compared to conditions in pre war Nazi Germany. But found that I screwed the link up and its far too late and I should really go to bed :neutral_face:


There you go https://www.truthdig.com/articles/america-has-become-a-functionally-fascist-state/


Careful now, Taylor is getting involved.


Didn’t she become a bit of a White Supremacist icon? Not suggesting through any fault of her own, or that it was something she courted - I just think I may have read something about it somewhere.

V odd.

The MAGAts do make me laugh though. When people like actors/singers/other celebs speak out against Trump, they harp on about how they should shut up and stick to what they know, whilst they blindly follow a fucking reality talk show host that has demanded walk on parts in countless films and tv shows. Berks.


Jason Isbell is a “New Country” icon who goes against the Southern States norm and is an outspoken Trump hater. He get’s a lot of flack on Twitter.


I actually can’t work out if it is serious or not, which is perhaps not all that surprising considering where it’s come from (4chan ironylords).