:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


I know you weren’t and my annoyance was with the fuckwit using it as an excuse not to answer(multiple times). How would you feel if someone used your issues to attempt to belittle you? Belittle my points all you like(back it up though), but anyone that acts as fuckwit did, is a hopeless cunt in my opinion.
Hardly a diversion, they’re heavily implicated and you keep telling me to stop mentioning relevant things. Who commissioned the Steele fairytale?
I ask no one to share my views, but anyone that takes a anonymous op ed as fact is a bit simple in my view. I have never said there is no evidence of wrong doing, but there is no evidence of collusion with Russia after two years. The arrests have nothing to do with collusion with Russia, although some evidence does point to Ukraine.
I agree about legal intricacies, but why is meuller, after indicting people now bending over backwards to keep out of court, once their lawyer turned up and rightfully demanded full disclosure? This is very important and very damming.
Your last paragraph could be said of any president.
Trump is a hideous person, but unlike most i will not dam him for something there is absolutely no evidence for(disclosure remember).
What’s happening is the exact same as what our msm are doing to Corbyn. Do you agree with our msm doing this and if not, why is it different for trump. Do we bend laws to our suit our own prejudices?
A clean, above board, investigation, sticking to the remit, isn’t to much to ask in my opinion.
I accept that this belief appears to put me in a minority, but doesn’t mean my questions are invalid.


Yeah, no problem, but if he takes the piss out of my dyslexia as an excuse not to answer, i will point out that he is a :mapoftasmania: and i will be correct(my opinion obvs).


For the record, I was slapping both of your thighs - not just yours. :lou_wink_2:

I mention the following not to stoke the fire, but just to help the healing. @SaintBristol acknowledged it was a cheap shot and offered an apology about the spelling before he even knew it was dyslexia.

So I hope that helps us to put that behind us.

Nice one @Saint-or-sinner.


Who is arguing against that?

There seems to be lots of straw manning and misinterpretations here. It’s all you said this, that and I don’t think either of us are adding much to discussion here. Gonna leave it here.

Enjoy your weekend


Fair enough, although Meullers fear of disclosure really bothers me.
Have a fun weekend yourself and always feel free to tell me when you think i’m wrong, although accept i’m a stubborn cunt, so it’ll need to be good.
Blimey it’s almost 6 o’clock on Friday and i haven’t had drink. Might open a rare El Dorado and raise a glass to @Goatboy being tee total :grin:


Sounds sensible, to me.

I’ve just arrived in the shit hole girl has dragged me to for the weekend.

Apparently there’s really short folk here that wander around with shit all over their bollocks?


Whatever you think of Obama, it’s good to see him calling out trump in this no holds bar way.

Obama speaks out against Trump and attacks ‘politics of fear and resentment’


The guy is then later asked to move out of shot. Then another woman also comes to stand behind Trump and clap enthusiastically.


can we see that?





this is batshit mate…


That could have been written by Trump himself - but it’s more than 280 characters.


Possibly. Why are you so sure?
Not denying it, just like to know what makes you so sure.
I’m trying to keep an open mind, despite the orange blob making it difficult.


And relatively coherent, so definitely not him.


This is amusing. Also highlights the fraud pretending to be democracy.

"There is a pattern here. It isn’t hard to see. It is grinding its pelvis into our faces. The only reason more people don’t see it is because there’s so much narrative spin around US presidents.

If you listen to the mass media about Trump, you either believe that he is a Nazi Kremlin agent who presents a unique and unprecedented threat to America, or a populist hero who is fighting for the common man against the Deep State, depending on your echo chamber of preference."


Hey Saint or Sinner, ir’s all good. People have differing opinions on things.


Opinions as they say are like arseholes, we all have them and we all act like them at times(me possibly more regularly than most).
You’re welcome to take the piss(even my spelling. I know it’s atrocious) as long as you don’t ignore the points i raise. If you believe i’m wrong, just show me why(not anonymous op eds in the massively biased nyt. That’s meaningless rubbish).
My view is that people are being led into going along with what amounts to illegal practices just because the orange one is such a horrible person and if we lose sight of following correct procedures, we will all inevitable suffer.
Meuller in my opinion is working to an agenda and his unwillingness to give full disclosure kind of proves that(unless i’m missing something). Remember he was deeply involved in the WMD fiasco.


Hey. Take a night off. Have some nice cheesecake and watch a movie :grinning:


Hmmm…who do we know who might sell cheesecake? Mates rates maybe?

Haven’t seen him around for a while though

Where are you when we need you @Sfcsim???