:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Fuck you Ted, you try putting up with having lips like Pete Burns.

I’m as disarticulate as Donald Trump.


“Lips like Pete Burns” … Great Indie band name :grinning:


I wonder whether any of the plea bargainers or immunity seekers know anything about the stuff mentioned in this BBC report from 2016


You sure it’s lipstick? Just sayin.



Interesting stuff.


Ahhh… getcha. And all this time I thought it was because you were a massive bellend.


Is there really a lecturer in digital technology at Kings College called Mercedes Bunz?

Or is that fake news?


It’s a typo…should read Mercedes Cuntz



Dr Bunz



Bet she (insert sexualised car reference here).



How is such comment democratic?

Trump is almost unique in the world… just when you think he could not be a bigger cunt, he opens his mouth and proves you wrong…


A great talk by Chris Hedges, a real journalist.


The responses to this are great



Good, amusing piece, from Hopkins.

“Trump, who is either a master manipulator or has the attention span of a chihuahua, or both(and yes, folks, I’m afraid that’s possible), has seen something on the White Genocide Channel.”


I’ll put this here as some of this was caused by the orange one

I suppose it probably makes it easier to recognise the wealthy racists?


I thought earlier that this is easily the best thing Nike have ever done. The “backlash” just reaffirms that a sizeable portion of Americans are utter fuckwits, at best, and total racist scum more likely.