:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


It’s already sassified.


Is this Trump’s way of shutting down Sassy Trump? :lou_surprised:


Opps butter fingers on my phone.


Could have said all this myself above. In fact I did say all this myself above…


That’s excellent. I liked the Ron Jeremy bit.


That’s fucking brilliant, even by Pie’s high standards. “Not so much one or two bad apples, more like a whole fruit salad full of shit, in a piss sauce.” Superb.


Did anyone call him Woodballs, his nickname at school?


Things have got a little worse for Donald.
Allen Weisselberg, his long term Chief Financial Officer, has been granted immunity - which suggests he’s going to spill some nasty beans at some point.

I find the main bloke a little irritating, but it’s a decent discussion.




Whatever you think of Obama, watching this makes you realise how much of an inarticulate, stupid cunt Trump is



EDIT: you just edited your post - that’s cheating and you’ve ruined my hilarious put down. (was unarticulate)


Have you been drinking again? Please watch this video


Why have I not seen this before?

That was funny.

Trump did not like that at all. He doesn’t look like someone that can laugh at themselves. And he’s really unarticulate.


I’ll think you’ll find the word you’re looking for is “inarticulate”



Mueller has done an outstanding job. He’s knew what he was facing and put in place the best financial and fraud legal team. He’s renowned for successful convictions of mafia bosses. You start with the lower ranked guys, flip them and work your way up. Cohen, and Weisselberg, are his closest confidants. Weisselberg has all his financial records


Interesting you should say that…I watched this earlier


Fuck me, Chiles looks like a Tramp in this.


At least he’s not wearing lipstick


Fuck you, Fatstuff.

It’s really difficult to get it off my lips I’ll tell you that. It’s made them slightly swollen and it’s now difficult to talk. I sound quite unarticulate.


You guys are taking this thread off topic with you swollen lip chat. I logged on here for some serious US politics