:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Even if it’s not fake news, I think they’ll have real problems convicting/impeaching Trump.

He could pretty much be caught on CCTV taking a dump on the statue of Thomas Jefferson’s feet (which, ironically, is pretty much what he’s actually done in office), Tweet about it, post a selfie doing it and still not be convicted.


I’m not so sure. I think (hope) he could be in bother.


A lot of old time Republicans will find this distasteful and although his core support will remain, he could find that there is a bit of a backlash from within.


Trump is going no where.

Unless the GOP take an absolute hiding in the mid terms this November, there won’t be the will or numbers for an impeachment.

Isn’t it staggering how many awful, underhanded crooks he surrounds himself with, then disowns acrimoniously yet still has the brass neck to claim he is a good judge of character.

That all said, his base still love him. Ed Balls (I know, I know) did an interesting show travelling around the US, meeting Trump supporters recently. They don’t care about the obvious corruption, or collusion, or the twitter rants, or all of his unbecoming behaviour (proving without doubt that the GOP, the self proclaimed party of family values & home to the Evangelicals, are amongst the biggest hypocrits going).

Doesn’t help the Democrats still couldn’t organise a sing-a-long at a Mamma Mia screening, are still trying to appeal to Republicans, and too busy trying to cooperate with, rather than oppose the GOP.


Sadly… the current ‘trend’ often even validated by ‘ordinary’ folk for ‘breaking the establishment’ has allowed those who ironically are also part of it (yet convinced some they were not) to undermine some of the ‘normal’ behaviours… Trump and to some extent Boris et al… can in effect do as they please… no matter how outrageous because their supporters dont care - in fact they see it as anti-establishment and applaud it… how did we get to this?

(EDIT: Apolgies to KRG as did not see his post before writing the same)


The Democrats cheated to keep the lying murder in place and should be investigated as heavily as Trump. After all, they put him there.
Not that it matters, it’s a one party undemocratic country in reality(just like us, until Corbyn, hence his treatment). Trump is the first president for about 3 decades, that wasn’t the chosen candidate of a very powerful undemocratic group, that completely controlled American politics, so as much as a fucking dildo(no disrespect to a more useful tool) that he is, he was, to their perception, the only choice and you won’t charge that unless you give them Sanders and the people that control the Democrats will not allow that(he would have won and the Democrats knew it).
Does Pence take power if Trump gets the boot? Now that’s something to really worry about(he believes in “end times” and will take the whole world to war(bit like hillary)).


Do Trump supporters really not mind if he constantly lies and breaks the law - or is this convenient fake news?


So Trump has contradicted himself between his statements.

He didn’t know about the payments when interviewed on Air Force One.

Yesterday he knew about the payments, but only after they were made.

He’s been caught in another lie and nobody seems to be surprised and few appear really worried.

But the lie that doesn’t seem to be covered in the media is where he said it wasn’t campaign money it was his money.

This obviously protects him against the campaign funds line, but surely only he can spend his money and if he spent his money then he knew.

And then you step back and realise you’re analysing the semantics of the statements of, arguably, the most powerful man in the world, happily confirming that he used his own money to buy the silence of a pornnstar and model.

It’s fucking mental.


They have been here before when trying to pin down Bill Clinton

“I did not have sexual relations with that girl”

“Well, may be a blowie”

“but that doesn’t really count”

I think I can recall him saying in response a question at his impeachment trial - “that would depend upon what the definition of “is” is.”

The thing is with this current load of allegations coming from the lawyer - is any of it admissible? Surely there is client attorney privilege to be factored in at some stage


I think the general approach to US politics is to get into office first by any means as it is a damn sight harder to winkle you out of office that to prevent you getting there in the first place. The hush money worked in so much as it kept these women quiet during his candidacy, which had they come to light then, would have sunk him (probably).

Wasn’t there a story that Hilary ran around behind Bill cleaning up his mess, strong arming women into silence and buying them off


It is an interesting insight into how to ride out political / personal scandal without much immediate damage.


The sheer brilliance of the endeavour came into sharpest relief when Giuliani said “Truth isn’t truth”.

The press has been cast as the enemy of the people, we’ve had alternative facts and anything that is negative or inconvenient is “fake news”.

I honestly don’t know if it was orchestrated from the beginning to end this way or if he’s fallen into it by accident, but his devotees simply cannot be swayed away from him because they just cannot believe anything negative they hear.



The Clinton comments are spot on. I’d pigeon holed him in a box marked “occasional” liar but you’re right he told a big one.

But let’s be honest. They all lie all the time but are brilliant at obfuscation, misdirection and covering up.

“Sexual relations” does not cover a blow job that stains a dress. Lol.

But at least Clinton was desperate to squirm his way out of it (not a massive compliment, TBH).

I guess it’s Trump’s lack of worry or care about being found out that strikes me as insulting to the US people.

That row back about Putin where he misspoke and meant to add another ‘not’ to his version of his podium speech, was laughably 8 year old level lying. And yet he felt he could con the American people and, because there is no longer a consequence to being outed by their press, he conned them. Or at least it just doesn’t matter whether they feel he told the truth or lied.

As I say, mental.


We watched the Ed Balls in Trump’s America (or whatever it was called).
He went to Trump’s Mar a largo club. He met some v. rich trumpettes (woman supporters). They spoke about the inclusion by Trump of everyone. Because they were new money the o the clubs wouldn’t let them in. But Trump did. They were all white, fake tan, surgically enhanced women. Not much diversity there. But when asked about him saying that he grabbed women’s pussies they were having none of it. Fake news. He’s a germaphobe so wouldn’t. When Ed tried to challenge one of them she pretty much shouted him down.
They’re not going to listen.
Did trump say he could shoot someone and he’d still get votes (or was it fake news?). He probably could.

But we are seeing more and more that we dont listen, we shout down at people as we become more polarised.

This post may come.also from.me dealing with two opposing parents who argued for most of a visit i went on.


I don’t get the from.me bit @Intiniki


I read it that @Intiniki observed two polarised views from people who had stopped listening.


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"I don’t know how you can impeach somebody who’s done a great job," Mr Trump told Fox and Friends.

"I tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash, I think everybody would be very poor."

Pointing to his head, he said: "Because without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in reverse."

What the fuck does that last sentence even mean?! :crazy_face:


He’s talking about negative economic growth or massive decline of some sort without his brilliant business brain.

The man is a cunt. I’m beginning obsessed with how much of a cunt he is.


Peter Serafinowicz can’t do anything with this…