:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


Sums up my reaction perfectly.

It was covered on the news - just the facts; they read out the Tweet.

I was then waiting for the outrage, the guests to be brought on to discuss it.

Nothing. So this is now OK. We have become inured to massively inappropriate ways of saying and doing things.

And here? In two years time are we to see Boris shouting vile things into the faces of people that dress differently from him and we’ll just shrug and say “Oh, that’s just Boris. It’s what he does.”

I fucking hope not. There has to be a reckoning.


I’ve seen a lot about this on twitter but no where else.
Your response was a bit like the last Electric Dreams episode we have just watched called K.A.O (“Kill All Others”) where the protagonist gets quite upset at how no one is getting upset about the new leader telling people to kill all others.


Photographic memory: Pete Souza trolls Trump with just the right Obama photos


It’s not the first time the EU has weighed in for Turkey.

Isn’t “helping each other out” wonderful? *

* Except for all them Southampton boys wot lost their jobs.


My comments on the article that @Goatboy posted had nothing to do with the EU. I don’t know where you’ve got that idea.
I was talking about Turkey getting help from Qatar and potentially Russia. You may have noticed me talking about Astana and the Caspian deal, then there is all the other deals going on that are uniting abused nations against their abuser. That’s America by the way. Thank fuck we aren’t getting in any deeper with the devil.
Oh shit, we are aren’t we :lou_facepalm_2:


Look, I’d rather we untangled ourselves from both of our vassal state arrangements.

Trade = good.

Much else = shite.


Yeah, can go along with that, but trade isn’t always good.
We need to get out of that mindset and start thinking about a realistic future in a finite world.
I personally wouldn’t trade with the US.


Does Chlorinated chicken clean your teeth while you’re eating it, that’s what i want to know.


At last some sensible questions.


It will make your sherriff’s badge white


It shifts rust?


Ah, i see. And clean the pan during the morning shotblasting session?


It’s deliberate, it’s a continual normalisation of racist language. It’s repeated daily, along with the setting up of the media as “Enemies of the People” and the assurance to his base that you only get the truth through my social media.


They’re all cunts, but Donald always seems to manage to be the biggest one


Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort found guilty on eight counts of fraud and Cohen has pleaded guilty of violating campaign finance laws. He has said he did so at the direction of “the candidate” and that he acted for the “purpose of influencing election”. This was in relation to money paid to President Donald Trump’s alleged mistresses.
Interesting times.



Fingers crossed Cohen will fuck trump up.



Pah! All fake news apparently @Fatso

Here’s the BBC’s view