:trumpdumb: Trumped!

:trumpdumb: Trumped!


He really is a cunt, Trump that is, not Fatso


Haha… “The average elevation in Florida is 6 feet. Some places are as little as 3 feet above sea level."

Well the water should be lapping around his ankles on the first tee in…3 - 2 - 1


Q: Who’s running the country’s foreign briefs?

A: We have tremendous people. Tremendous people.



Nikki Haley will run for 2020 I reckon, she’s been quite moderate in the past.


Can’t see it myself. This is a woman who went to the UN and threatened the countries of the world. Being exposed as a thick as mince bint by a couple of Russian pranksters has just shown her to be an absolute bullshitter, out of her depth and willing to invent countries on the off-chance they might exist.


Her views on Israel are out of character and “on message” for Trump. She’s a moderate, which makes me think she may be making a play for the top job. She’s a traditional Republican from history. Also, she’s not thick as mince at all.


Bit of a milf as well

I may have said too much - g’night…



Interesting, if not slightly alarming, article on Trump and whether there’s something wrong with him


You need the article to decide that ?

He is as mad as a mad persons hatter


So Trump has single handedly stopped aviation deaths since he came to power.

It sort of reminds me of this.


So Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Now threatening to withdraw aid from Palestinians because they have no respect, apparently.


How’s he going to do that @pap , put a dome over Palestein a la the dome in the Simpsons Movie? Was that a you spelling mistake or a Trump spelling mistake BTW??

Also found this article quite interesting…





Predictive text. Meant aid, not air, and have since edited.


Now only you and I are going to know what my reply to you means!! I might have to fake edit!!



Hmm, interesting…


Putting on my tinfoil hat for a moment, I predict many unexplained fatal car and other freak accidents happening to the main players not on Trumps side just prior to publication…





This really smacks of an emotional Trump reaction. It’s what he does, he uses litigation when he feels personally attacked. Michael Woolfs book may have been a bit loose with quotes, he does have a history. The split between Bannon and Trump is real.