⚽ 🔄 Transfers overall good or bad result 👎👍

Mohammed Salisu, Ibrahima Diallo, Kyle Walker-Peters, and Theo Walcott joining with Wesley Hoidt, Guido Carillo, Sofiane Boufal, and Pierre Emile Hojberg leaving.
So far KWP has been a good addition to our permanent squad.
Theo Walcott I am hoping will be a positive acquisition as he has plenty of experience and declared he wanted to come home rather than move elsewhere.
Ibrahima Diallo looks like he could be an improvement on Hojbjerg.
Finally Mohammed Salisu I know little about but we are led to believe he is a warrior and may just be a big plus for our defence.
Apart from Pierre the rest I am very pleased to see them playing elsewhere.


You have answered it Baggy! It’s a decent outcome for sure and likely a reduced wage bill too.

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On paper it looks a decent window, I shall give it until the end of November before I cast judgement though…


Awaiting Bazzers rage that we did not buy 3 more CBs, 2 goalkeepers and another striker…

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How was @BaggySaint to know not to light the blue touch paper with those sort of comments :rofl:


Looks like we may need Theo for our next game with Stuart Armstrong out having proved positive for covid


it may be a false positive does he have any symptoms? get him another test straight away,

I saw that but it will be his next test which will matter now. Hopefully it will be clear.

It’s what they always say in football - you’re only as good as your last test.

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Ok ish, judge the players later, its the players we didn’t get that’ll be the issue in all probability.

Thats the most positive that Barry has been since his last test


Looks alright to me. Seems to have a bit more focus back now instead of buying shite to satisfy Leslie’s black box.


It looks poor but may be good enough to tread water.
KWP is good and I dont know about the defender and midfielder - so who knows.
I think we needed to upgrade CB X2 . Obviously another left back for back up, another JWP back up plus better attacking midfielder nearing hit peak. Walcott may surprise me but Ive struggled to find many utube vidios of him at Everton ripping up defences and i cant remember him being talked about for years in media. Apart from when he has payed us I havent seen anything of him.

On another point on outgoings re Holberg Im in the camp spurs took the club to the cleaners and all the dead wood apart from Reid given the loan extensions must suggest we have struggled to shift them.

Im hoping we are going to raid the championship but that might just be me trying to be optimistic

I remember worse starts to the season :slight_smile:

Fucking hell, that first season back in the Prem :scream:

The FA’s technical director.

I wouldn’t let him direct traffic. Cortese was the main man in the early days of our rise, and Les’s black box mysteriously burped out a load of Eredivisie players the moment Koeman took over.

was it 9 defeats out of the first ten games or something?

Aye, it was pretty grim like.

Grim enough for the Pochettino reaper to insta-replace Adkins.

So instantly that he waited until mid January, by which time the team was out of the relegation zone and looking pretty OK.


It’s a fair cop, guv :smiley:

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Yep. After a run of 2 defeats in the previous 12