:tories: Tories in trouble?

Oh dear, strong rumours circulating in Westminster that Sunak could be facing the chop this week over the challenges from the extreme right wing loonies to his Rwanda bill. They see it as their last chance to replace him with a “proper Conservative” before the election. Given the Tory poll ratings panic is in the air, with the latest yougov poll saying that voters find Sunak “spineless and false”, and he makes voters “cringe”. Looks like people are getting there eventually!

Sunak goes then Chirpy chirpy cheap cheap Middle of the Road Dave has to go to surely?

The return of Truss…

Kemi Badenoch is favourite apparently. But it doesn’t really matter does it, they will surely get slaughtered in the election whenever it comes. I do find it interesting that it’s taken as long as it has for the penny to drop with the public that Sunak is a dud, everything about him is phony, totally unsuited to be PM from the time he appeared from nowhere just a few short years ago and was parachuted in to one of the safest Tory seats in the country. After Call Me Lord Dave met the father in law while on a trade mission to India. Does anybody seriously believe that the humble son of an NHS family,(who bought the humble son a £200k apartment in London for his 21st birthday present) was deemed suitable to marry the daughter and heiress of one of the richest families in India? Anyone with only a cursory knowledge of India and how these things work will know that it just doesn’t work like that. And remember the bit where the humble son supposedly won a scholarship to the posh and very expensive public school, Winchester College, until somebody did some digging and found that he hadn’t, all a pack of lies. Somebody should make a Bollywood film about it.

They wont change him out - It would be suicide

Wishful thinking of some of the rabid right

They have one last hurrah for a generation to push their agenda -

From the outside @Nottarf-Krap makes sense.
But you talk to a Tory voter then they believe Rishi is the man to stop Starmer. and have almost certainly never heard of Kemi - that’s just another Public School Putsch worked ot behind the bike sheds.
The only change true Tory voters want (ie those with a Blue Rinse) is Boris back

…or Thatcher to be cloned from her residual DNA.

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I’d even consider her rotting corpse - it couldn’t do any worse

All this does seem like Braverman on maneuvers - apparently she is at a meeting of 40 odd tories looking to vote on the amendments

These right wing Tories really are a bunch of pussies - they have spent all week giving it large about bringing down the Rwanda bill and when it came to the crunch, they folded

Reckon it was Suella and her acolytes agitating

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I thought they were going to get Rish! booted out?

They were - then they realised it was Rishi or a Liz/Boris dream ticket

The dream team isn’t going to happen. Where would they find a safe Tory seat for Boris?

Idiots will vote for him regardless of where (if) he stands.

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BBC News - Rishi Sunak sees off Conservative rebels as MPs back Rwanda bill

Oh good grief



An unmitigated arse - but very dim people would vote for him *

  • Johnson or Trump

Fucking idiots

Bravo :clap: :roll_eyes: ffs

Fucking hell, the blatantly racist Tories are hell-bent on wrecking Britain

Don’t they realise, they already have the racist vote. :lou_facepalm_2:

Given that nearly all of our MPs don’t want the elected UK government to decide on UK policy anyway, let alone administer it, it hardly matters. This is the first election of my lifetime where I genuinely don’t see any point in voting.